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Posts Tagged ‘ Pau Gasol. ’

Podcast: ‘NBA Knez’ talks Trade Rumors & Mt. Rushmore


With the NBA trade deadline looming, I talked about which guys should be moved and which guys should can exhale…..
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Lakers, Warriors, Spanish should all thank Dwight

  The NBA Cares and so does Dwight. By choosing the Houston Rockets last week, Howard did a lot of good for a lot of people around the world. Let me explain…..   The Lakers weren’t sold on Dwight Howard, despite their billboard onslaught earlier this summer. If they were, then they’d have fired...
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Will Pau stay aggressive? Does it even matter?

  As the Los Angeles Lakers continue their inevitable trek to the 8th spot out West, Pau Gasol has done the unthinkable. He’s actually looking at the rim on offense. Gasol has gotten regular touches in the low post the past two games, both Laker victories. His numbers? 22 pts, 11 rebs, 4 assts…..23 pts,...
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Kobe thinks Pau is soft

  Publicly, Kobe Bryant has done nothing but express his luv for teammate and BFF Pau Gasol. In my opinion, it is the only reason Gasol hasn’t been traded yet. Laker fans may remember the final play of the first half as Golden State routed L.A. on Monday night…an Andrew Bogut score off an out...
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Pau Gasol & Derrick Rose suffer setbacks

  Pau Gasol had soreness in his injured right foot while playing a two-on-two game on Saturday. He’ll see a foot specialist today. The cause and extent of Gasol’s soreness was unclear. Gasol had been targeting Monday’s game against the Phoenix Suns as a return from his plantar fascia tear, but that doesn’t look like it’s...
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‘Pau & The Golden Elliptical’

  I’ve been covering the Los Angeles Lakers for some time now and I’ve seen a great many things. I once even saw Kobe Bryant compliment Smush Parker and Kwame Brown…in the same week, no less. But today’s report is just shocking. According to the Orange County Register, Pau Gasol has been cleared to workout on...
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Pau Gasol won’t need surgery

  The Los Angeles Lakers got a quiet victory. Pau Gasol, who partially tore the plantar fascia in his right foot last week, has told reporters that he will not need surgery. This trims almost a month off of his rehab schedule, now putting his return at somewhere just before the playoffs. “He’s on crutches and he’ll...
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Pau Gasol out six weeks

  Pau Gasol said he “felt a pop” last night in his right foot after jumping to contest a shot in the 4th quarter. He admitted after the game that he had actually tweaked his foot in the first half vs Brooklyn. The Lakers bigman has been dealing with plantar fasciitis for months now. An MRI today revealed a...
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Pau Gasol injures foot

  You hear that sound Laker fans? that’s your biggest trade chip going down hard. Pau Gasol was seen leaving the Lakers locker room on crutches. His tone with reporters led us to believe that he’ll be out for a while. The former All-Star, who started Tuesday night for the also injured Dwight Howard, has been battling...
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Kupchak: Lakers Keeping Howard

  Los Angeles Lakers General Manager, Mitch Kupchak, addressed the topic of midseason trades with the media today….. “We will not make a trade. We will not trade Dwight Howard. We have no intention of making a trade. It’s unlikely that we’ll make any trade with any of our principal players. To make another change...
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Rudy Gay to Lakers for Pau Gasol, again?

  I know what you’re thinking but, I swear, it wasn’t me this time. A year ago I proposed a trade, involving three teams, sending Rudy Gay to the Lakers. Today, Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting a similar trade is possible. The Boston Celtics have held exploratory trade talks with the Memphis Grizzlies on Rudy...
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Lakers Win! vs Jazz

  The Los Angeles Lakers got some ‘akrite’ vs the Utah Jazz Friday night at Staples, 102-84. The four-game losing streak is officially over. The game started with a bail out Metta World Peace. It was a good sign. Steve Nash recently vowed to be more aggressive on offense (aka shoot more). Well, he had...
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Pau Gasol expecting trade?

  Many (including myself) hope that Pau Gasol gets traded from the Lakers very soon. According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Gasol is privately expecting it to happen himself. That’s not really saying much. If Pau didn’t expect to be dealt, I’d worry he might have brain damage from that concussion he received against Denver recently. The Spanish seven-footer was...
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Preview: Lakers limp to Memphis

  The Grizzlies host the Lakers Wednesday night at The Grindhouse. This used to be a game where the contending Lakers would try to keep down the up-n-coming Grizz. It was also once a contest that featured an All-Star Gasol vs his younger, role-playing brother. How times have changed. Memphis is 26-14 and L.A....
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Lakers can take positives from Clipper loss

  The Clippers beat the Lakers 107-102 Friday night. While the Lakers never led in the game, all wasn’t lost. The purp n’ yellow can take a lot of positives away from this one. 1. Mike D’Antoni can easily improve bench production. The Lakers’ worst stretch against the Clippers happened to start the 2nd...
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