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Posts Tagged ‘ Mike D’Antoni ’

Will Pau stay aggressive? Does it even matter?

  As the Los Angeles Lakers continue their inevitable trek to the 8th spot out West, Pau Gasol has done the unthinkable. He’s actually looking at the rim on offense. Gasol has gotten regular touches in the low post the past two games, both Laker victories. His numbers? 22 pts, 11 rebs, 4 assts…..23 pts,...
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Pau Gasol won’t need surgery

  The Los Angeles Lakers got a quiet victory. Pau Gasol, who partially tore the plantar fascia in his right foot last week, has told reporters that he will not need surgery. This trims almost a month off of his rehab schedule, now putting his return at somewhere just before the playoffs. “He’s on crutches and he’ll...
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Lakers still have a big problem

  All this ‘Kobe Johnson’ stuff is all well and good, but the Los Angeles Lakers still have a big problem…. …and it’s not the Kobe-Dwight beef. Kobe Bryant as point guard and Steve Nash spotting up? it’s just bizarre. It can’t possibly be the recipe for continued success in L.A….not even in a local...
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Nash agrees with me, Lakers ‘lack committment’

  Rick Reilly of ESPN reported that Steve Nash cites a lack of commitment by players to the system as one of the reasons for the Los Angeles Lakers’ struggles this season. “We’re not all committing to what they want us to do,” Nash said. “We’re half stuck in our own, old ways. We have to...
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Lakers meet to ‘clear the air’

  The Los Angeles Lakers held a meeting in Memphis before Wednesday’s shootaround. Kobe Bryant directly asked Dwight Howard if the bigman disliked played with him. “Guys went at each other a little bit,” said a person who witnessed the meeting. Mike D’Antoni opened up the meeting by expressing his fatigue of reading grievances expressed in...
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Lakers should use ‘Stockton rule’ with Nash

  There’s a laundry list of issues for the Los Angeles Lakers these days. One of which, is their poor bench play. Whenever this group plays a contender, they lose all control of the game early in the 2nd quarter (see losses to Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers). Fear not, I have a solution for Mike D’Antoni....
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Pau coming off bench?

  Pau Gasol will make his return tonight from a nagging concussion he suffered January 6th. The Lakers host the Miami Heat on TNT. Head coach Mike D’Antoni has decided to bring Gasol off of the bench and continue to start Earl Clark alongside Dwight Howard. This is the right move considering the way...
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Did Billy Kennedy save Lakers season?

  You may know referee Billy Kennedy. He’s the nephew of comedy great Richard Pryor. He’s also the voice you often hear on NBA League Pass yelling “EASY! EASY!” after routine fouls are called in the paint. Well, on Wednesday night in San Antonio, he may have saved the Lakers season. With L.A. still sleep-walking and...
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Lakers can take positives from Clipper loss

  The Clippers beat the Lakers 107-102 Friday night. While the Lakers never led in the game, all wasn’t lost. The purp n’ yellow can take a lot of positives away from this one. 1. Mike D’Antoni can easily improve bench production. The Lakers’ worst stretch against the Clippers happened to start the 2nd...
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Hack-a-Howard nearly backfires for Clippers

  Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro, with his team up 99-91 and 3:42 left to play, called for his team to intentionally foul Lakers center Dwight Howard. The result was a 99-97 game with 1:29 to play. Not only did Vinny take his team out of rhythm by imploying the tactic, he also showed zero confidence...
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Gasol putting D’Antoni in awkward position

  We all know about the romantic candlelight dinner Pau Gasol and Mike D’Antoni had last week in Manhattan Beach to discuss the Spaniard’s role on the Lakers. Oh, what I would’ve given to be a fly in the gazpacho that night. Can’t you just picture Gasol pleading and begging to ‘fix their relationship’ like some...
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Do Lakers finally get it?

  It wasn’t the Washington Generals, but it worked just the same. The Lakers only beat the Wizards by six points on Friday night, but there was a message sent. You just had to look for it. The first few minutes of the second half had me almost falling off of my couch. It was the...
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Lakers must commit to D’Antoni Style

  Laker commentator Bill Macdonald made an interesting comment in Cleveland Tuesday night: “the word is out around the league, you wanna run this Laker team into the ground.” That’s shocking to hear about a Mike D’Antoni-coached team. Historically, his teams have always wanted that kind of game. The honeymoon period is long over in...
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Foul Game: Lakers defense isn’t that bad

  Laker Nation is in full suicide watch after losses to Orlando and Houston. Both games featured comebacks by the opposition fueled by the intentional fouling of Dwight Howard. The defense, too, has taken a hit in the media as the Lakers gave up 40 & 34 points respectively in both 4th quarters. I beg to...
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On the clock: D’Antoni benches Pau Gasol

  Evident in the Lakers’ loss at Western Conference-leading Memphis Friday night was that Pau Gasol didn’t play in the entire 4th quarter. If you’re surprised by this then you’ve never seen Mike D’Antoni coach in the NBA (Denver, Phoenix, New York)…and you definitely aren’t reading my blog. The Lakers are now 0-4 on...
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