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Posts Tagged ‘ Miami Heat ’

Scouting Report: San Antonio Spurs 1st quarter vs Miami Heat


Date: 3/6/14 Scouting: San Antonio Spurs – 1st quarter offense Opponent: Miami Heat Lineups:  Parker, Green, Leonard, Diaw, Duncan  –  Chalmers, Wade, Battier, James, Bosh Score: 37-22. Spurs put on offensive clinic in halfcourt, scoring 22 pts in paint (equaling Heat total).   Qtr Summary: 23 total possessions (17 scores, including 8 of 10...
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Breakdown: Warriors set blueprint for beating Heat

Golden State Warriors vs Miami Heat

  For the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors flew into South Beach and left with a victory. While the Indiana Pacers have proven to have the best chance at beating the Miami Heat, Golden State may just have an even better squad to tackle LeBron n’ Crew. It’s the same...
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Breakdown: Pacers 2nd half defense vs Heat


Indiana Pacers beat Miami Heat, 90-84 Pacers 2nd half defense picked up…..   3 themes to 2nd half Pacers D: 1. Cut off drives and STILL contested shooters 2. Made Lebron perimeter, settled for jumpers A LOT 3. Despite rotating D, didn’t give up offensive boards 3rd qtr: 11:30 – 1st poss of half,...
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The turning point of Heat-Pacers game

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat

  Even the most casual sports fan could see what happened in Tuesday night’s rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals. The defending-champion Miami Heat smashed the Indiana Pacers in the mouth early, with their patented pressure defense. In the second half, Indiana settled down and got the ball inside. Ball game. But wait, it...
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Scouting Report: Miami Heat (loss vs Pistons)


Team Scouted: Miami Heat Opponent: Detroit Pistons Location: American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL Date: 12/3/13   STARTERS & MATCHUPS PG Mario Chalmers                                     Brandon Jennings SG James Jones                                            Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SF Shane Battier              (cross-match)   Greg Monroe (guarded Lebron) PF Lebron James             (cross-match)    Josh Smith (guarded Battier) C  Chris Bosh                                                 Andre Drummond...
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Identity Crisis: Winning in the NBA is simple

  What’s the key to winning in the NBA? Of course, you need talent…any coach will tell you that. But it’s not a pick-up game, there’s more to being a GM than just choosing a bunch of freaks for your squad. There has to be a clear team identity. This is the synthesis of a coaching staff’s philosophy and a roster’s...
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Player Profile: Heat’s Griffin must improve footwork

  The Miami Heat have added the high-flying Eric Griffin to their training camp squad. You may remember him from Miami’s summer league squad in Vegas, finishing plays at the rim with relative ease. But what about when he has to work away from the basket or, heaven-forbid, initiate a play? That’s the next...
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The best landing spot for Greg Oden is…..

  According to Yahoo Sports, free agent center Greg Oden will pick the site of his comeback attempt next week. Of the six teams in the mix, let’s see which one is the best one for him right now…..   Miami Heat - I don’t like it. There’s too much media attention down in Miami,...
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‘The Birdman’ returns to Miami

  Chris Anderson averaged only 4.9 pts & 4.1 rebs last season for Miami, but ‘The Birdman’ was as a major part of the Heat’s second consecutive championship.   Today, the Heat were able to re-sign with Anderson to a one-year deal (according to Yahoo Sports). While no one is reporting salary numbers, I’m...
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Ray Allen returning to Heat

  Ray Allen signed with the Miami Heat last season with the stipulation that he could opt for free agency again this summer should he want to. Well, he didn’t.   The All-Time leader in three-pointers in NBA history has decided to skip free agency and help the Miami Heat win a third consecutive title...
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After keeping Chalmers, Heat must dump Bosh

  For a team that just won a championship, deciding to keep their young and instrumental point guard for $4 million seems like a no-brainer. For the Miami Heat, their decision to keep Mario Chalmers for next season may have significant repercussions.   Quite frankly, you can’t keep everybody.   The Miami Heat maxed...
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Finals Recap: Heat won with strategy, not talent

  On the surface, it would appear that the more talented stars of the Miami Heat prevailed over the better coach and “team” of the San Antonio Spurs. After all, the Heat did appear to have the best two players on the court by the time the Finals ended. However, it wasn’t talent that won the day for Miami…..it was their strategy.  ...
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Lebron goes ‘Larry Bird’ as Heat win championship

  Lebron James looked confused against the sagging Spurs’ defense last week. In Game 7 tonight, he looked like Larry Bird.   The Miami Heat truly survived against San Antonio in the final game of the 2013 NBA Finals with hustle, tough defense, and great shooting efforts from a number of guys. The game started with a lot...
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And the hero of Game 7 is…..

  Hold the cliches and verbosity…..tonight is just a basketball game. You can’t script it, you can’t predict it, you can’t number-crunch it…..but you can look at trends. Based on those trends, the hero of Game 7 seems pretty obvious.   Lebron James is excluded from this list. He will be great and very...
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No Choke: Miami flat-out won Game 6

  The vibe in the NBA Finals the day after Game 6 is pretty clear around the world. With a five-point lead under a minute to play…and the championship trophy literally on its way onto the court…..the Spurs choked the game away. But if you watched the entire game and closely look at Miami’s gameplan last night, you’ll...
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