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Posts Tagged ‘ Kobe Bryant ’

Kobe returns and Lakers chemistry departs

  The Lakers are still very much Kobe Bryant’s team. Bryant was in preseason form as he debuted vs the Toronto Raptors, while his team’s chemistry reminded me of an October game in San Diego. Franchise player or no franchise player, the team must always be put ahead of the player. I don’t care how many...
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Kobe on Dwight: ‘next year he’ll be unbelievable’

  It’s exit interview season at the Lakers’ training facility in El Segundo. Kobe Bryant, and his crutches, took the mic. Here’s what he had to say about pending free agent Dwight Howard and his chances of re-signing:   “I hope he does. It’s a matter what he feels in his heart. He’s reached...
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Dr. Howard visits Kobe

  Who says the chemistry between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant needs work?   The Los Angeles Lakers center appears committed to both the team and his super star teammate. Dwight reportedly visited Kobe on Saturday afternoon, both before and after his surgery on that torn achilles.   “I know how he feels,” Howard said....
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Kobe’s injury may be good thing for Lakers

  Pardon me as I press the pause button on Kobe Bryant condolensces. In the big picture, his torn achilles may actually be a good thing for the Los Angeles Lakers.   Let’s be real, this team wasn’t going to win a championship this year. Just getting out of the first round would have been a monumental...
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Kobe Bryant out for season

  Where were you when you learned that Kobe Bryant wasn’t invincible? The Los Angeles Lakers super star, who has been logging unimaginable minutes lately as the team tries to make the playoffs, likely has a torn left achilles tendon. His appears to be over.   Bryant went down with just minutes to play versus the...
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Clippers sweep season series w/ Lakers

  There’s no doubt now as to which team runs L.A. these days. The Los Angeles Clippers beat their Staples Center roommates 109-95 on Sunday, taking all three games from them this season. It was a textbook effort for the ‘Clips’, who were led by stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (24 points each). The...
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Recap: Lakers shut down Grizzlies late

  Don’t be angry Grizzly fans, the Lakers needed this one more than you did. Some in Memphis called for the Grizz to “handle their business” at L.A. on Friday night. I think that attitude is reserved for either home games against worse teams or road games vs lottery teams. The Lakers are too...
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Kobe, Nash limping towards playoffs?

  The Lakers didn’t just lose a basketball game at Milwaukee on Thursday night, they lost health too.   Steve Nash suffered a ‘hip spasm’ against the Bucks. It showed early in the second half when he made three un-Nash like passes for turnovers. He left the game and did not return. Steve Blake...
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Kobe thinks Pau is soft

  Publicly, Kobe Bryant has done nothing but express his luv for teammate and BFF Pau Gasol. In my opinion, it is the only reason Gasol hasn’t been traded yet. Laker fans may remember the final play of the first half as Golden State routed L.A. on Monday night…an Andrew Bogut score off an out...
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Kobe sits at Indiana

  The boxscore says that Kobe Bryant suited up and played against the Indiana Pacers on Friday night. Reality says something different. Bryant went out there and sent a message to his teammates (Dwight Howard) at Indiana. Unfortunately, his message didn’t go past the 1st quarter. “I told them before the game,” Kobe said, “I don’t know...
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Kobe vs Dahntay: Jones is innocent

  After the Lakers beat the Hawks at Staples Center a couple of weeks ago, I expressed my shock that Larry Drew didn’t try defensive specialist Dahntay Jones on Kobe Bryant in the contest. He went with bigger defenders all night, resulting in a loss. Well, for those of you who decided to take a break from Vatican news on Wednesday,...
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Lakers make epic comeback

  The Lakers looked awful for three and a half quarters at New Orleans. They were down as much as 25 points. It got to the point where I looked elsewhere on NBA League Pass. I then tuned back in with the Lakers trailing 102-88. Little did I know, the Hornets wouldn’t score again....
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Playoff push isn’t worth alienating Dwight

  One of the bigger keys as the Los Angeles Lakers push for a playoff spot has been the activity of Dwight Howard. He’s contesting shots and grabbing rebounds like the Howard of Orlando.  Kobe Bryant has had nothing but praise for his center, lately. However, none of it actually involves scoring the basketball. Bryant said last...
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Kobe Bryant injures elbow

  Kobe Bryant has been wearing a sleeve on his right arm the past few weeks, the same one he wore religiously during the Lakers’ last three Finals runs (2007-10). Just moments into the team’s game at Oklahoma City on Thursday night, he aggravated it. While being denied by Thabo Sefolosha, he suffered an...
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Kobe, Cuban angry at Fisher?

  Derek Fisher re-joined the Oklahoma City Thunder this week, weeks after being granted his release from the Dallas Mavericks…and months after loitering around the Lakers practice facility in El Segundo. It turns out that both those teams have a beef with Fisher’s new gig. Mark Cuban was “agitated” by the recent transaction, according to...
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