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Posts Tagged ‘ Dwight Howard ’

Lakers, Warriors, Spanish should all thank Dwight

  The NBA Cares and so does Dwight. By choosing the Houston Rockets last week, Howard did a lot of good for a lot of people around the world. Let me explain…..   The Lakers weren’t sold on Dwight Howard, despite their billboard onslaught earlier this summer. If they were, then they’d have fired...
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Lakers: Dwight ‘wasted our time’

  According to sources, the Los Angeles Lakers feel that Dwight Howard had already “made up his mind” before even meeting with them on Tuesday. They described him as “emotionless.” “He would barely look us in the eye,” one source said.   Another source from the Lakers said, about the meeting: ”we felt like we were...
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No Waffle: Howard clearly chose Houston

  Dwight Howard has agreed to sign with the Houston Rockets (first reported by USA Today).   Howard ultimately chose the team that offered him the best chance at winning next year as well as in the future. The Warriors may improved their situation late, adding Andre Iguodala, but the fact that a sign-and-trade deal would...
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Warriors sign Andre Iguodala, shed salaries

  The Golden State Warriors blitzed the NBA yesterday when they offered the expiring contracts of Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins to nearly every GM in the league. They insisted that it wasn’t just a late effort to sign Dwight Howard. They were telling the truth.   While the rest of the country was spinnig their wheels...
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Rockets trade Robinson, shopping Lin & Asik

  After weeks of trying, the Houston Rockets have finally shed the contract of Thomas Robinson. The former Kansas lottery pick is headed to the Portland Trail Blazers, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.   The Blazers will send 2 future second round picks to Houston, as well the draft rights to Kostas Papanikolau and Marko...
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Howard to meet w/ HOU, ATL, GSW, DAL, LAL

  The Houston Rockets are emerging as frontrunners to sign Dwight Howard and they’ll get first crack at him on Sunday night. Hakeem Olajuwon and James Harden will join members of the Rockets’ front office and Kevin McHale in their recruiting pitch to Howard shortly after midnight on Sunday. The recruiting whirlwind continues on Monday,...
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Thomas Robinson to Cavs/Bulls?

  At this time last year, Thomas Robinson was one of the hottest names in the NBA Draft. This year, he is a key piece to the future of the Houston Rockets. Wait, let me explain.   If…no, when the Rockets trade Robinson on 2013 Draft Night he will allow them the wiggle room...
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Dwight Stuff: Rockets free-up more cap space

  It’s no secret that the Houston Rockets plan to (again) pursue Dwight Howard this summer. In fact, they’re probably the Lakers’ biggest threat at losing ’DH’ (something I don’t see happening). With all their cap space, and the favorable tax situation in Texas, they can rival L.A.’s offer to stay in SoCal.   Two weeks ago,...
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Howard-to-Clippers? Lakers say “never”

  The Los Angeles Lakers have rejected overtures from their Staple Center roommates about a sign-and-trade for Dwight Howard, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.   ESPN spent the past week pushing that old rumor that Howard and Chris Paul have been in touch about the possibility of playing together.   “They will never do it,”...
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Dwight Howard won’t need surgery

  It appears that Dwight Howard will not be having offseason surgery for the second year in a row.   The Lakers center (for now) was diagnosed with a torn labrum after originally injuring his right shoulder on January 4th.   Howard was examined on Wednesday, and was told that surgery would not be...
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Dwight targeted then ejected as Spurs sweep Lakers

  Dwight Howard may just be the most disrespected All-Star player in NBA history.   The Spurs’ 103-82 victory, and a sweep, over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday did little to change that.   It all started with Gregg Popovich, he of “Hack-a-Shaq” fame, going with the unknown banger Aron Baynes to just grind and pound on...
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Refs can’t allow Bonner to guard Dwight Howard

  The Spurs lead the Lakers 2-0 in their first round playoff series, despite a more inspired group from Los Angeles on Wednesday night. The road team made a conscious effort to get the ball to Dwight Howard early on in the game. However, he finished with only 12 shot attempts for the second game in...
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Dr. Howard visits Kobe

  Who says the chemistry between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant needs work?   The Los Angeles Lakers center appears committed to both the team and his super star teammate. Dwight reportedly visited Kobe on Saturday afternoon, both before and after his surgery on that torn achilles.   “I know how he feels,” Howard said....
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Kobe’s injury may be good thing for Lakers

  Pardon me as I press the pause button on Kobe Bryant condolensces. In the big picture, his torn achilles may actually be a good thing for the Los Angeles Lakers.   Let’s be real, this team wasn’t going to win a championship this year. Just getting out of the first round would have been a monumental...
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Recap: Lakers shut down Grizzlies late

  Don’t be angry Grizzly fans, the Lakers needed this one more than you did. Some in Memphis called for the Grizz to “handle their business” at L.A. on Friday night. I think that attitude is reserved for either home games against worse teams or road games vs lottery teams. The Lakers are too...
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