While the conversation surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers has been about Kyrie Irving and his desire to be traded this summer, the Cavs are ignoring the most important issue facing their organization. One of the most anticipated free agent summers is right around the corner, and no one is sure what LeBron James is planning to do in 2018. Most people believe that he is leaving Cleveland to head out West, which makes it even weirder that they are shopping the younger star that has two years left on his contract than the older star with just one year remaining. These are the top three reasons the Cavaliers should trades James this season.

The Cavs’ Roster Isn’t Good Enough To Beat Golden State

First and foremost, people need to understand that there is no team in the NBA that can matchup with the Golden State Warriors at this time. So while I can understand the Cavs giving it one last shot with LeBron and hoping for an NBA Finals miracle, it is highly unlikely that it goes any different than it did this year, especially if they lose Kyrie. As the Cleveland roster stands right now, they couldn’t beat the Warriors. Without Kyrie, they have a zero percent chance.

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What Is Going On In Cleveland?

His Trade Value Is Higher Than Kyrie

There has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of repairing the relationships in the Cavaliers’ locker room, but most people think that it is beyond repair. Reports have come out that LeBron is definitely on his way out of Cleveland because of his deteriorating relationship with ownership. So if both Irving and James are having problems with Front Office personnel, then which one should they hold onto for the long haul?

The answer for most people would be LeBron, but given the circumstances, the answer should be Kyrie. He is younger and under contract for longer than James. Not to mention, they could get a lot more in return for the greatest player in the league than they could for the shifty point guard who can’t defend.

He Is Leaving Next Summer Anyways

The final and most important reason they should cut ties while they still can is that LeBron is going to leave next summer regardless. The dream of holding onto him for one last shot at a title is delusional. The Finals wasn’t even close this year, and without Kyrie, it will be an even wider gap of talent. When he leaves in 2018, what will Cleveland have left? Old has-beens and Kevin Love. At this point, they need to start preparing for life without LeBron, not trying to squeeze the life out of his remaining year.

Regardless, prepare for a lot of burnt Irving and James jerseys this season, because Cleveland is about to fall into a black hole of depression.

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