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Real Talk

Bosh, Heat interior defense are just plain soft


  The interior defense of the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals was so soft, it probably had Don Nelson somewhere grinning. While the San Antonio Spurs also gave up their fair share of easy buckets during the game, those came off of late rotations. That is something that can be, and...
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Podcast: KNEZ talks State of ‘diluted’ NBA


Lebron scores 61, prompting Dominique Wilkins (at age 54) to claim he could have scored 40 against such weak defense. Jerry West and Charles Barkley both chime in to say that the NBA is at its weakest point of quality ever. Lastly, Adam Silver says age limit should be raised to help combat this...
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NBA mishandled Jason Collins’ debut with Brooklyn Nets


From the time I turned on the NBA‘s doubleheader on Sunday to the moment that I hit snooze on NBATV, the name ‘Jason Collins‘ had been hammered into my brain with the force of fifty LeBron James dunks. It was to the point where, sadly, I now cannot wait for his ten-day contract to expire. Please, read...
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Podcast: ‘NBA Knez’ talks Trade Rumors & Mt. Rushmore


With the NBA trade deadline looming, I talked about which guys should be moved and which guys should can exhale…..
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Podcast: KNEZ talks Magic & Laker Beef


Magic Johnson is back at it again, ripping the Lakers. But somebody needs to rip HIM…..  
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NBA is Nothing But Alcohol


  In 23 years of closely following the NBA, I can’t remember alcohol having this much of a presence. Other than the Miller Genuine Draft Moment NBC used to put on in 4th quarters, I never got the sense that liquor was being rammed down our throats…not, until now. All the talk during the...
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Kobe returns and Lakers chemistry departs

  The Lakers are still very much Kobe Bryant’s team. Bryant was in preseason form as he debuted vs the Toronto Raptors, while his team’s chemistry reminded me of an October game in San Diego. Franchise player or no franchise player, the team must always be put ahead of the player. I don’t care how many...
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Identity Crisis: Winning in the NBA is simple

  What’s the key to winning in the NBA? Of course, you need talent…any coach will tell you that. But it’s not a pick-up game, there’s more to being a GM than just choosing a bunch of freaks for your squad. There has to be a clear team identity. This is the synthesis of a coaching staff’s philosophy and a roster’s...
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Player Evaluation: Jazz should forget Tomic


  BANKABLE NBA SKILL:  high-post passing/decision-making; touch around the basket. Will this translate to the NBA? Yes, but it may not be enough of a skill to warrant consistent playing time considering weaknesses. SIZE FOR POSITION: Height: 7’1”         Plays like: 6’11” (Ante doesn’t play up to size, often caught w/ arms down) DEFENSIVE LIABILITY?...
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Turnover She Wrote: Tony heads to Philly

  Should ‘Turnover’ Tony Wroten ever play in the Rucker League, I’ve already got his nickname ready: Turnover She Wrote.   The Grizzlies have officially given up on the talented, shoot-first, shoot-last Wroten. Memphis sent their former 1st round pick to the 76ers yesterday for a future 2nd round pick…..that says it all right there. But...
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Warriors should start Barnes over Iguodala

  If I was Harrison Barnes, and coach Mark Jackson told me I was coming off the bench behind new acquisiton Andre Iguodala (which may very well happen in October), I would politely ask for a trade.   The first two or three years in an NBA guy’s career will likely dictate what kind of player he’ll...
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‘Nugget Nate’ Robinson: Deja vu or Duplication?

  According to reports, free agent guard Nate Robinson will sign with the Denver Nuggets. He hardly got the big pay day you’d expect after tying Michael Jordan for most points in a 4th quarter for Chicago last playoffs. At this stage of the summer, you have to take what you can get financially. But was it a good decision basketball-wise?...
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Nets sign Kirilenko, but could it be tampering?

  Andrei Kirilenko opted out of his contract for next season ($10 million) in order to secure a long-term deal. Two weeks later, the money offers just weren’t coming. So, Kirilenko decided to join the Brooklyn Nets at a bargain price of just over $3 million per season.   Forget the whole it’s a...
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What Gives? T-Wolves bring back Corey Brewer

  Corey Brewer was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the lottery years ago. As the years went by, ‘Brew’ made it obvious he was never going to realize his NBA potential.   The T-Wolves eventually threw him in a trade with the New York Knicks. Then head coach Mike D’Antoni, who’ll practically play...
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Lakers, Warriors, Spanish should all thank Dwight

  The NBA Cares and so does Dwight. By choosing the Houston Rockets last week, Howard did a lot of good for a lot of people around the world. Let me explain…..   The Lakers weren’t sold on Dwight Howard, despite their billboard onslaught earlier this summer. If they were, then they’d have fired...
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