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Player Features

2014 Mock Knez NBA Draft


The 2014 NBA Draft will be one of the deepest in NBA history - Here are NBA Scout Martin Knezevic's picks for the top ten.
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Scouting Report: SF Edo Muric


  “A poor man’s Nicholas Batum”   Steal and Dunk
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Scouting Report: PF Dario Saric


  BANKABLE NBA SKILL: You can’t teach size and you can’t teach feel, and Saric has both. Legit body to play PF in NBA, yet has good ball-handling and good feet to make plays. Has an effective face-up game, though it won’t be as effective vs NBA defenses.   SIZE FOR POSITION:  Height: 6’10”     ...
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Kobe returns and Lakers chemistry departs

  The Lakers are still very much Kobe Bryant’s team. Bryant was in preseason form as he debuted vs the Toronto Raptors, while his team’s chemistry reminded me of an October game in San Diego. Franchise player or no franchise player, the team must always be put ahead of the player. I don’t care how many...
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The modern-day ‘bigman’ was born in Yugoslavia


  The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946. It was a league of part-time players who adhered to strict positions out on the court. The ‘point guard’ was the most diminutive player. As a result of his small stature, he was the team’s primary ball-handler and initiator of the offense. The ‘shooting guard’...
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Wiggins vs. Parker reminds me of…..

  …..no, not Lebron v Carmelo. That matchup was more one-sided than Tyson Chandler arm tats. The NBA over-hyped that one for years, until ‘Melo’ finally “got it.” This matchup reminds me of Bender v Gay. Let me explain….. The matchup between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker has a lot more credence to it than ‘LBJ v...
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Player Evaluation: Jazz should forget Tomic


  BANKABLE NBA SKILL:  high-post passing/decision-making; touch around the basket. Will this translate to the NBA? Yes, but it may not be enough of a skill to warrant consistent playing time considering weaknesses. SIZE FOR POSITION: Height: 7’1”         Plays like: 6’11” (Ante doesn’t play up to size, often caught w/ arms down) DEFENSIVE LIABILITY?...
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Scouting Report: Jazz prospect Ante Tomic


 {RELATED: Player Evaluaton – Ante Tomic} Player: Ante Tomic Team: FC Barcelona Basquet,   Croatian National Team Birthdate: Class: Position: Center Height: 7’1″ Weight: 247 lbs Pro Position: Center Opponent: Euroleague, Eurobasket Date: 9/27/2013 Scouted By: Knez # of Times Seen: 40-50 Eurobasket 2013 Statistics (Croatia) 2012-13   Euroleague Statistics (FC Barcelona) Minutes: 22.3...
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Player Evaluation: PG Vasilije Micic

  BANKABLE NBA SKILL: penetration, scoring off of dribble and high screens. Will it translate to NBA? Yes. He has the quickness necessary to play lead guard in the NBA. He must improve handling on-ball pressure which is not as intense in the Adriatic League. SIZE FOR POSITION: While he does need to get...
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Scouting Report: PG Vasilije Micic

 {see my player evaluation for Vasilije Micic} Scouting Form Player: Vasilije Micic Team: Mega Vizura (Belgrade, Serbia) Birthdate: 1/13/94 Class: 2016 Position: Combo Guard Height: 6’3″ Weight: 190 lbs Pro Position: Point Guard Opponent:  Eurobasket   Tournament Date: 9/12/2013 Scouted By: Knez # of Times Seen: 20 Game Statistics Current or   Last Year...
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Breakdown: Paul George’s playmaking in the halfcourt

  One of my favorite teams to watch the past few years has been the ‘Smashmouth’ Indiana Pacers. Their style of play (actually looking inside to the post once in a while) is refreshing to an old school basketball junkie like myself. An added pleasure last season was watching swingman Paul George emerge as...
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Scouting Report: Partizan signs PG Boris Dallo

  KK Partizan has signed right-handed combo guard Boris Dallo. Let’s take a look at this French phenom and see what Belgrade, and maybe one day an NBA city, can expect from this youngster.   Age: 19 Height: 6’4″/6’5″ (depending on the website)   Career 2012-13: Poiters Basket 86 (France) 2013: KK Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia)   Strengths:...
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Turnover She Wrote: Tony heads to Philly

  Should ‘Turnover’ Tony Wroten ever play in the Rucker League, I’ve already got his nickname ready: Turnover She Wrote.   The Grizzlies have officially given up on the talented, shoot-first, shoot-last Wroten. Memphis sent their former 1st round pick to the 76ers yesterday for a future 2nd round pick…..that says it all right there. But...
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Player Profile: Heat’s Griffin must improve footwork

  The Miami Heat have added the high-flying Eric Griffin to their training camp squad. You may remember him from Miami’s summer league squad in Vegas, finishing plays at the rim with relative ease. But what about when he has to work away from the basket or, heaven-forbid, initiate a play? That’s the next...
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Warriors should start Barnes over Iguodala

  If I was Harrison Barnes, and coach Mark Jackson told me I was coming off the bench behind new acquisiton Andre Iguodala (which may very well happen in October), I would politely ask for a trade.   The first two or three years in an NBA guy’s career will likely dictate what kind of player he’ll...
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