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Bosh, Heat interior defense are just plain soft


  The interior defense of the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals was so soft, it probably had Don Nelson somewhere grinning. While the San Antonio Spurs also gave up their fair share of easy buckets during the game, those came off of late rotations. That is something that can be, and...
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Why Spurs will beat Heat in 6


  Last year, this writer (and scout…and coach…) picked the Miami Heat to win in six games. Okay, so I was one game off. Leading up to this season’s rematch, I was inclined to duplicate that prediction. Then something happened, something nostalgic…..   With the Tony Parker in the locker room this past Saturday,...
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3 Keys to Game 3 for Indiana Pacers


  The Indiana Pacers didn’t just lose Game 2 at home, they lost it playing their tempo and their style of play. The Miami Heat may be feeling cozy back home for two games but Indy can re-gain homecourt advantage simply by using three key steps…..   (Out-of) Pocket Pass! If you think the Heat...
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Pacers win chess match in Game 1 vs Heat


  The 2014 Eastern Conference Finals is not just about deciding which team makes it to the NBA Finals – it is a battle for the future of the NBA. The “position-less” Miami Heat vs the positional (and traditional) Indiana Pacers. In Game 1, the chess match undoubtedly went to the home team….. Lineups -...
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Breakdown: Warriors set blueprint for beating Heat

Golden State Warriors vs Miami Heat

  For the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors flew into South Beach and left with a victory. While the Indiana Pacers have proven to have the best chance at beating the Miami Heat, Golden State may just have an even better squad to tackle LeBron n’ Crew. It’s the same...
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Breakdown: Pacers 2nd half defense vs Heat


Indiana Pacers beat Miami Heat, 90-84 Pacers 2nd half defense picked up…..   3 themes to 2nd half Pacers D: 1. Cut off drives and STILL contested shooters 2. Made Lebron perimeter, settled for jumpers A LOT 3. Despite rotating D, didn’t give up offensive boards 3rd qtr: 11:30 – 1st poss of half,...
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Roy Hibbert And-one | Heat vs Pacers | December 10, 2013 | NBA 2013-2014 Season

Von: NBAshowtimeHD6Paul George feeds Roy Hibbert inside who turns to the hoop for the bucket plus the foul. NBAshowtimeHD rely on donations. If you are reading this please donate. Like us on Facebook : http://goo.gl/8PEiB Follow us on Twitter : http://goo.gl/5JRpQ DONATE via Paypal to Smoovek1991@gmail.com Not affiliated with the NBA or any of...
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The turning point of Heat-Pacers game

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat

  Even the most casual sports fan could see what happened in Tuesday night’s rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals. The defending-champion Miami Heat smashed the Indiana Pacers in the mouth early, with their patented pressure defense. In the second half, Indiana settled down and got the ball inside. Ball game. But wait, it...
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Scouting Report: Miami Heat (loss vs Pistons)


Team Scouted: Miami Heat Opponent: Detroit Pistons Location: American Airlines Arena – Miami, FL Date: 12/3/13   STARTERS & MATCHUPS PG Mario Chalmers                                     Brandon Jennings SG James Jones                                            Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SF Shane Battier              (cross-match)   Greg Monroe (guarded Lebron) PF Lebron James             (cross-match)    Josh Smith (guarded Battier) C  Chris Bosh                                                 Andre Drummond...
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Wiggins vs. Parker reminds me of…..

  …..no, not Lebron v Carmelo. That matchup was more one-sided than Tyson Chandler arm tats. The NBA over-hyped that one for years, until ‘Melo’ finally “got it.” This matchup reminds me of Bender v Gay. Let me explain….. The matchup between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker has a lot more credence to it than ‘LBJ v...
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Lebron goes ‘Larry Bird’ as Heat win championship

  Lebron James looked confused against the sagging Spurs’ defense last week. In Game 7 tonight, he looked like Larry Bird.   The Miami Heat truly survived against San Antonio in the final game of the 2013 NBA Finals with hustle, tough defense, and great shooting efforts from a number of guys. The game started with a lot...
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No Choke: Miami flat-out won Game 6

  The vibe in the NBA Finals the day after Game 6 is pretty clear around the world. With a five-point lead under a minute to play…and the championship trophy literally on its way onto the court…..the Spurs choked the game away. But if you watched the entire game and closely look at Miami’s gameplan last night, you’ll...
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Game 6 was an instant classic

  You couldn’t ask for a better Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals…..well, unless you’re a Spurs fan.   From the start, the energy in the arena and on the court was reminiscent of a Game 7. The pace was up as both teams were running it at the other. While neither team...
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Final chess move: Birdman in, Haslem out

  In Game 4, Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra forced the hand of Spurs coach Gregg Popobich. ’Spo’ inserted Mike Miller into the starting lineup. Two minutes later, ‘Pop’ sent Gary Neal in for Tiago Splitter. After the loss, Gregg took it one step further. He inserted Manu Ginobili into the starting lineup for Game 5. This has...
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Heat must change strategy on Parker

  Most of world will always remember Game 5 of the 2013 NBA Finals as the game that Manu Ginobili put all that retirement talk to rest. Others will remember it as the game that Danny Green set the record for most three-pointers in a championship series. I, on the other hand, will reminisce differently. This...
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