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2014 Mock Knez NBA Draft


The 2014 NBA Draft will be one of the deepest in NBA history - Here are NBA Scout Martin Knezevic's picks for the top ten.
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Bosh, Heat interior defense are just plain soft


  The interior defense of the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals was so soft, it probably had Don Nelson somewhere grinning. While the San Antonio Spurs also gave up their fair share of easy buckets during the game, those came off of late rotations. That is something that can be, and...
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Why Spurs will beat Heat in 6


  Last year, this writer (and scout…and coach…) picked the Miami Heat to win in six games. Okay, so I was one game off. Leading up to this season’s rematch, I was inclined to duplicate that prediction. Then something happened, something nostalgic…..   With the Tony Parker in the locker room this past Saturday,...
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3 Keys to Game 3 for Indiana Pacers


  The Indiana Pacers didn’t just lose Game 2 at home, they lost it playing their tempo and their style of play. The Miami Heat may be feeling cozy back home for two games but Indy can re-gain homecourt advantage simply by using three key steps…..   (Out-of) Pocket Pass! If you think the Heat...
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Pacers win chess match in Game 1 vs Heat


  The 2014 Eastern Conference Finals is not just about deciding which team makes it to the NBA Finals – it is a battle for the future of the NBA. The “position-less” Miami Heat vs the positional (and traditional) Indiana Pacers. In Game 1, the chess match undoubtedly went to the home team….. Lineups -...
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Tibs thinks the media is “unreal”

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Breakdown: Portland Trail Blazers ‘Thumb Up’ Play


The Houston Rockets are set to host the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Playoffs this Sunday. They may want to scout one of Portland’s more successful plays recently… Play run on 4/16 vs Clippers – 4:07 left in 2nd qtr (Head coach Terry Stotts calls THUMP UP)   -PG...
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Scouting Report: Indiana Pacers defense vs San Antonio Spurs


 Scouting: Indiana Pacers Defense Opponent: San Antonio Spurs (3/31/14)  Matchups: Hill – Parker Stephenson – Green George – Leonard West – Duncan * Hibbert – Splitter   *Pacers began w/ cross-match, then switched Hibbert onto Duncan midway thru 1st                     Strategy- vs PnR: go over screens w/ PF-C containing until G can recover vs off-ball...
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Scouting Report: San Antonio Spurs 1st quarter vs Miami Heat


Date: 3/6/14 Scouting: San Antonio Spurs – 1st quarter offense Opponent: Miami Heat Lineups:  Parker, Green, Leonard, Diaw, Duncan  –  Chalmers, Wade, Battier, James, Bosh Score: 37-22. Spurs put on offensive clinic in halfcourt, scoring 22 pts in paint (equaling Heat total).   Qtr Summary: 23 total possessions (17 scores, including 8 of 10...
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Podcast: KNEZ talks State of ‘diluted’ NBA


Lebron scores 61, prompting Dominique Wilkins (at age 54) to claim he could have scored 40 against such weak defense. Jerry West and Charles Barkley both chime in to say that the NBA is at its weakest point of quality ever. Lastly, Adam Silver says age limit should be raised to help combat this...
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Scouting Report: Joakim Noah vs Brooklyn Nets


Date: 3/3/14             Opponent: Brooklyn Nets (LOSS: 96-80) Scouted: Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls Final stats: 10 pts (5/8), 6 rebs, 1 assts (although I had him for 2), 2 stls, 6 TOs  {-13 diff, BEST of starters} Previous game stats: 13 pts (4/10), 12 rebs, 14 assts – vs Knicks (WIN) Matchup: defended by...
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NBA mishandled Jason Collins’ debut with Brooklyn Nets


From the time I turned on the NBA‘s doubleheader on Sunday to the moment that I hit snooze on NBATV, the name ‘Jason Collins‘ had been hammered into my brain with the force of fifty LeBron James dunks. It was to the point where, sadly, I now cannot wait for his ten-day contract to expire. Please, read...
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Breakdown: Rockets-Warriors chess match late


  The Houston Rockets fell to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, in overtime, 102-99. While many people were enamored with the shot-making late, it was the chess match with two minutes left to play in regulation that caught my eye. For the basketball purist, it was pretty epic stuff. Patrick Beverley played...
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Podcast: ‘NBA Knez’ talks Trade Rumors & Mt. Rushmore


With the NBA trade deadline looming, I talked about which guys should be moved and which guys should can exhale…..
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Chris Kaman’s Viking Funeral

Chris Kaman’s Viking Funeral

Players were dropping like flies when the Lakers visited Cleveland this week…..
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