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I’m from Montenegro but raised in Southern California. I enjoy long walks on the sideline and reading scouting reports. As a boy, I was trained to be a classical pianist. But after I grew to 6 feet tall in middle school, I knew that basketball was going to be my thing. Once my collegiate career at UC San Diego ended in 2002, I began covering the NBA as a freelance journalist. In 2010, I started my own website: BlogNBAsketball. My work has been featured on ESPN True Hoop, Sports Illustrated, & the LA Times. I also wrote about the Memphis Grizzlies for Sports Blog Nation.

I am a certified basketball scout through Sports Management Worldwide and serve as regional scout for a number of pro teams. My work includes extensively scouting the Adriatic Basketball League overseas. I will also obtain my Masters Degree in Sports Management this year.

If you’d like to reach me via electronic mail: knez (at) blognbasketball . com

You can find my scouting reports here: