The NBA trade deadline is tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern. Perhaps the biggest domino on the trade market already fell in late January when Blake Griffin was sent to Detroit, but plenty of big-name players remain in the rumor mill. Will the Cavaliers make one final push at a championship with LeBron James, or will the Celtics run away with the east by adding one more scorer? NBA fans will get these answers in less than 24 hours. Here is a look at three players who could be dealt at the deadline.

DeAndre Jordan

The LA Clippers squashed any doubt that the franchise is in rebuilding mode two weeks ago when superstar Blake Griffin was dealt to the Detroit Pistons. In return, the Clippers gathered a haul of prospects and shed nearly $150 million owed to Griffin over the next four years. Center DeAndre Jordan is the next man up on the Clippers’ trade block. A lack of suitors will not be an issue for the 29-year-old all-star. He also has only one year remaining on his contract, which pays him $24 million. The Cavaliers and Bucks are among the teams interested in Jordan, but the Clippers maintain that they will hold on to him if they can’t find the perfect deal.

LA Clippers

Will The Clippers Ship Out DeAndre Jordan Just Weeks After Trading Blake Griffin?

Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans may be the most in-demand player for the upcoming trade deadline. Everything has lined up perfectly for a big return to the Grizzlies. The team is currently 18-35, far removed from the playoff picture in the west. Evans is on a trade-friendly, one-year deal worth only $3.2 million, and he is having one of his best offensive seasons. To add to that, Evans is still only 28 years old. Playoff contenders like the Celtics, Nuggets, and Heat have been chasing Evans for the past few weeks. But Evans may fit best with the young 76ers, who are in need of a SG. Several teams believe Evans could be the final piece to its championship puzzle.

Marcus Smart

While Evans has been the most talked about player on the market, none are more attractive than the 23-year-old Smart, who possesses a ton of untapped potential. So, why are the Boston Celtics shopping him then? Well, they really aren’t shopping Smart. The PG will only be used in a package to land a stud like Evans as Boston makes a run at the NBA Finals. A Smart for Evans deal with a couple draft picks exchanged between the two sides seems to make all the sense in the world. The only question is whether or not GM Danny Ainge will pull the trigger.

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