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Quotes from D’Antoni presser

November 15, 2012


For much of Mike D’Antoni’s introductory press conference, it sounded like the Lakers are more Steve Nash’s team than Kobe’s. Even when the question didn’t involve the PG, he brought it back there.

He did remind the media that he’s still recovering from knee surgery: “This doesn’t count….I’m under medication right now’


NEW SYSTEM: “For next 2 weeks, you gotta will yourself to wins.”

UPCOMING SCHEDULE: “this is a big homestand, we need to take care of business.”

EXPECTATIONS: “we have a window and we’re gonna get through it.”


“I’ve coached Steve, I’ve coached Kobe, I’ve coached Dwight.”

“I tried coaching without Steve and that didn’t go too well.”

“We’re gonna have to be a great offensive team, a great defensive team. …We got defenders (mentioning Howard)”

“The experience that is here under the rood is incredible.”


ON DEBUT: “not Friday, I’m thinking Sunday.”

ON PG POSITION:”I’ve been trying to get Steve Blake for 10 years.” “Steve Blake coming back will be big…Duhon knows (the offense) already.”   “I like the Morris kid.”


ON OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY: “we don’t call plays…..everyone gets touches” “if Kobe’s double teamed then we’ll bust him somewhere else”

7 SECONDS OR LESS: “I don’t know where that came about, media quotes or what…it’s 24 seconds or less.”   “If you’ve got the best team, why not play the most possessions you can?”

SMALL BALL: “San Antonio beat us with small ball…Horry shooting threes”

DWIGHT: “he can be in every play, we don’t call plays”   “a straight post-up isn’t efficient” “we want to have some dunks with him….his shot attempts should increase”   “they’re not stopping him”

“He’ll absolutely control the game on both ends of the floor”…maybe he can put the D back in my name, some people have taken it out…that’s not fair.”


{He did choose to mention Pau after Metta when taking offense.}


PRESSURE ON COACHES: “in Olympics players don’t get gold medals, and that’s a good thing.”

CHANGES FORTHCOMING: “little by little we’ll ween in or out certain elements that we feel are better…or not”

Mike stressed that he’ll play to guys strengths…..

GASOL: “I want him comfortable in what he does…looking forward to working with him…he’ll play some 4 or some 5″

WORLD PEACE: “I told Metta, hey, do what you do” (mentioning pick n rolls, shooting 3′s)

MEEKS: “the only time he needs to shoot is when he touches the ball, other than that don’t shoot…..he’s not in the league because he can drive or dish.” He later compared Jodie to Eddie House, when hot.


ON NOW BEING A LAKER: “I grew up in Virginia in the 60′s, lived and died with the Lakers.”    Mike was obviously referring to Jerry West, here.


ON MINUTES: “Yeah you try and cut Kobe’s and Nash’s minutes…until you want to win.”

ON RELATIONSHIP W/ KOBE: “He can come over and cuss me out in Italian and you won’t even know it”


MAGIC’S COMMENTS: I didn’t hear comments…I didn’t hear the other stuff, I will reach out to Magic and we would like to play Showtime-like basketball. No better person to talk to, to pick his brain.


ON KNICKS TENURE: “I had 70 guys while there…coached half the league in the last 3 years.” “Losing a PG to get a C in Chandler…losing Billups was tough.”


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2 Responses to Quotes from D’Antoni presser

  1. Bojan on November 15, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    good stuff

  2. isabel on November 17, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Sounds Mike has a thing for Steve….Blake.

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