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NBA vs Spurs: Who’s to blame?

November 30, 2012



Quite frankly, the National Basketball Association (and David Stern) owes the San Antonio Spurs organization. This is a team that’s won the championship four times since 1999. Yet, do we ever see them showcased on commercials or even on the Christmas Day schedule? The only time they get to play on NBA Opening Night is when they have to…..so that the league can show off their new championship rings. Today, Stern is in uproar because Pop sat his stars in a national TV game. But nobody bought tickets to watch the Spurs, it was all about gravy-training the Heat as they faced their weary opponent on 5 days rest. San Antonio, meanwhile, played 4 games in that same span of Miami rest. I blame the NBA for the scheduling irresponsibility and years of ungratefulness to such a championship organization.

Oh, but wait…Popovich is to blame, too. I mean, who sends healthy players home on a ‘red eye’ in November? Even Phil Jackson thinks that was arrogant. If his concern was the health (rest) of his players then he should’ve reduced their minutes on the roadtrip. Don’t play those guys regular minutes and all of a sudden give them a game off. ’Pop’ faced his protege Jacque Vaughn in Orlando the night before…..he should’ve rested his stars that night and thrown his former assistant a bone. Coach Spoelstra in Miami hardly deserves the cherry.

So Friday is here, and fines likely await for the San Antonio Spurs organization. But one day, I hope both sides can see that they could’ve handled things a bit better.


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2 Responses to NBA vs Spurs: Who’s to blame?

  1. Over Rated on December 2, 2012 at 8:48 am

    I can’t stand the Spurs and theyre arrogant coach.

  2. LOU on December 4, 2012 at 6:14 am


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