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Blatche to Brooklyn…Headache or Home Run?

September 6, 2012


The month of September in the NBA is usually a newswire graveyard…..other than the training camp invitations and occasional trash talk there’s little going on. Andray Blatche may just be the most talented UNrestricted free agent to ever sign a deal in the month of September.

The former Wizard ‘bigman’ has decided to sign with the Brooklyn Nets over the Heat. He’ll be only getting a one-year, minimum deal. It would obviously a low risk, high reward move for Mikhail Prokhorov’s crew…..but one has to ask will ‘AB’ be a headache or a home run?

I’m leaning towards the latter.

From the outside it’s evident that Brooklyn A. (for Andray) has little money left to spend this offseason, and B. (for Blatche) aren’t going to commit long-term to a young reserve ‘big’ with a knucklehead past. I don’t blame them.

Andray has proven to be one of the more talented players in the NBA, at 6’11″ he can face you up as well as score on the block. He’ got a high release on his shot that’s tough to contest while blocking many shots himself on defense. But he has also proven to be an immature “professional” who starts to act up when the ball isn’t flowin’ his way on offense. With a lineup including Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez those shots may be scarce.

Blatche, on paper, will be called upon to back-up Kris Humphties at PF…a player who rarely ever gets injured. Will ‘AB’ be fine with that role over an 82-game season? He may not have to be. By midseason, I expect him to see most of his minutes backing up the foul-prone Lopez at center. Plus, Avery Johnson is as no-nonsense of a coach as you’ll find this side of Larry Brown…he’ll keep the former Wiz-man in line (if not, on the bench). Blatche has reportedly lost considerable weight this summer…..who knows, we may see him some at the SF spot (Gerald Wallace’s main back-up as of today is Joe Johnson sliding down).

I also like that the Nets have veteran thug Reggie Evans in reserve as well…not only to take Blatche’s minutes should he act up but to keep him in line. My only fear is that Reginald will teach Blatche that move he used against Chris Kaman a few years back…..that’s the last think Andray needs in his arsenal.

This is how I see the season going……

Avery will give Blatche limited minutes until he sees the right work ethic and attitude from him. Then, during the meat of the schedule, injuries and matchups will give Johnson a reason to play Andray more. I see the ‘bigman’ being very successful and helping the team win games. However, as the playoffs approach, I expect a lot of Blatche’s minutes to go to Reggie Evans. Yes, it’ll hurt the Brooklyn offense…but with Brook Lopez’s horrible rebounding ability (it’s really that bad), I see Evans inserted in there to make up the difference. As Pat Riley famously once said, rebounds equal rings…..Avery Johnson is old school and knows what that’s all about from his Spurs days (see Robinson & Duncan circa 1999).

It’ll definitely be worth watching Blatche in Brooklyn this upcoming season…..on and off the court.

I think he’ll do well and stay long-term in Brooklyn……and {TMZ spoiler alert} one day replace former Kardashian Kris Humphries in N.Y.

Brooklyn Nets Lineup

Nets lose James

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One Response to Blatche to Brooklyn…Headache or Home Run?

  1. Andy Risner on September 6, 2012 at 6:18 pm


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