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What is Miami’s best lineup?

June 14, 2012


Much has been made lately of the Miami Heat’s lineup inconsistency…partly due to the Chris Bosh injury, partly due to coach’s decision. The Eastern Conference champs have done their best work in these playoffs with a small lineup, having Lebron even playing center at times. This isn’t surprising considering that LBJ is actually bigger than the team’s main “big men” Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony.
But it makes you wonder, what lineup gives Miami the best chance to win?

Easy, it’s the same one that I pushed for way back in training camp…..a perimeter trio of James, Wade, and Battier with an “inside” combination of Bosh and Haslem. To start games, the Oklahoma City Thunder have 1 non-scorer on the perimeter next to Durant and Westbrook.
Defensively, Either one of Wade or Lebron will always a have a few plays off defensively guarding Sefolosha as the other one tangles with ‘Russ’. Shane Battier, in this scenario, would check Durant on every possession (as he should).
Offensively, Lebron or Wade will handle the ball-handling duties here. Dwyane, if you remember, played point guard much of the second half in Game 1. I thought it was good, forcing him to be more aggressive  than when he was coming off screens or ‘flash’-ing to the post.
In this scenario, Mario Chalmers would fill the back-up point guard role, something the Heat haven’t had since January. What did Norris Cole do to get into the doghouse, anyway? Somebody should tell ‘Coach Spo’ that age is just a number.
Unlike Game 1, Harden will eventually be out there to close games…this Miami lineup presents the best matchup for OKC’s trio of young studs.
In case you weren’t paying attention, the alignment I’m pushing for means CHRIS BOSH MUST START (can you hear me Spo?).
If you have a “Big Three”, then please start all three…stop trying to imitate Coach Popovich down in San Antonio.
Then fill other two spots with two of your better defenders who just happen to also be great catch n’ shoot guys.
It ain’t complicated, Erik….in the end, it’s just basketball.

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One Response to What is Miami’s best lineup?

  1. Lawler Slaw on June 14, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Not a bad look. It’s def better than the brain-dead Rio out there. In Game One he decided to hug guys like Derek Fisher while Durant/Westbrook were open on the swing.I call that “Beasley D”.

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