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Secret Weapon: Cook may burn Heat

June 16, 2012


The bloggissist trumpets are out and the media world is clamoring: What’s up OKC and these slow starts?


The first halves of both Games 1 & 2 saw the Thunder down early. In both contests the team responded in the second half, with the last game being a hill too much to climb.


Everyone and KD’s mother expects James Harden to make an early appearance in these games down in Miami. The team is obviously needing a punch offensively. But what about when James needs a blow? Scotty Brooks has more options than hoping Thabo can make a few shots.


The savior for OKC might just be a former Miami Heat gunner: Daequan Cook.


Two years ago he, and his 3-pt shooting crown, were jettisoned from South Beach for a 2nd round pick.  Today, the stage is set for DC to be a major factor in Miami for games 3-5. He’s not only familiar with the rims at American Airlines Arena, he’s familiar with making an impact in short minutes during the playoffs.


How can you forget his 8 point barrage in San Antonio for the second quarter of Game 5? It was a pivotal game, and the way he came in and gave his crew an immediate boost was quietly epic…..it was Derek Fisher-esque (minus the 0.4).

Expect to see Daequan Cook in Game 3…..and expect OKC to take Game 3.


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  1. westlander on June 24, 2012 at 10:15 am


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