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Foul Play: Brooks should call Phil Jackson

June 21, 2012
Anyone who watched the games 3 & 4 closely can’t deny that the Miami Heat are getting more favorable calls than the Oklahoma City Thunder. The first contest in Miami saw foul trouble for both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook while Dwyane Wade got free throws for plays he wasn’t even touched on (ask James Harden). Then, in the next game, Westbrook had 43 points with only 3 free throws….THREE. The fact that he had to make 20 baskets to get to 43 pts (the most since Luis Scola – March, 2010) tells you that he’s not getting any luv, whatsoever. When I saw Joey Crawford warming up for Game 4, I knew it was a bad sign. OKC shot only 16 FT’s that night (13 if you deduct Russ’s “monster” night at the line).The Heat have gotten to the line more often than OKC since the series moved to South Beach, and it has nothing to do with Coach Spo’s “we have to attack” speeches.
I’m not saying we should feel sorry for OKC. In fact, I think we should blame them.
In the NBA you have to make the refs call fouls. The media is a tool….use it. 
If it was up to just X’s & O’s, Phil Jackson’s coaching career would never have made it out of the CBA. What made him a legend was how he handled the NBA game…and I’m not just talking about superstar players. It was the gamesmanship that PJ embraced, and he used it to his advantage. If Jackson ever felt that his team wasn’t getting enough respect from the referees, he knew just how to send the proper message along to the league office. While owners like Mark Cuban sent-in DVD highlights of bad calls, Phil simply made a few subtle (or not-so subtle) comments at the postgame press conference. It did the trick every time. If you don’t believe me, the next time you run into Chris Webber just say “Game 6…2002…in L.A.” (oh, and then step back).
Back to 2012…..following the loss in Game 3, one in which they were hampered by foul trouble and saw the Heat shoot 35 free throws, both Scott Brooks and Kevin Durant took the high road. It was admirable, but annoying.

By comparison, Dwyane Wade has been talking about the refs since he was in the green room on draft night.That’s what wins in the NBA.


No one is going to give this young Thunder team anything, they’re going to have to take it.


I want to say this disparity just isn’t acceptable…but, hey, if the Thunder aren’t going to complain why should I.

The Heat are getting free throws…..and a free pass.

OKC needs to stop playing ‘small ball’



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One Response to Foul Play: Brooks should call Phil Jackson

  1. You Gonna Learn Today on June 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    I could not agree more. As a matter of fact, I mentioned this to my roommate last night and he totally agreed. Keep in mind though that guy calls fouls on a sponge when he is washing dishes! All joking aside, the high road is indeed really annoying. You gotta be a squeaky wheel to even out the odds. If you don’t know how, watch D-Wade – he acts like every shot he makes is an “and-one.”

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