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Drummond & Monroe: Is it Motown or Slow-town?

June 29, 2012


Let me start by saying that I luv the potential of Andre Drummond at the No. 9 pick. Trust me, this is no Kwame Brown scenario.

Despite being at least 2 or 3 years away from finding himself in the NBA, you can’t teach his combination of size and agility.

But I have concerns over the Detroit Pistons roster…specifically, the eventual move of Greg Monroe to the PF position. Yes he’s mobile, a great passer, and has a great feel for the game…but he’s 6’11″ & 250lbs. I mean, were Joe Dumars and Lawrence Frank watching the playoffs this year?

The NBA champion Miami Heat featured Shane Battier at the ’4′ spot, with OKC constantly downsizing to keep up with them.

How about the Boston Celtics, who only hit their stride after moving Kevin Garnett (a lifelong ’4′) to the center spot.
Must I continue? okay…
The Spurs featured Tim Duncan and 4 guards the majority of  ball games. Boris Diaw is no ‘bigman’ and neither is Matt Bonner.
Blake Griffin out in Los Angeles is really just a beefed up shooting guard who likes to face-up, put the ball between his legs a few times, and then attack the rim.
That other team in L.A., the Lakers, sure have size…but what good did it do them?
The Thunder continually went with Durant at the ’4′ in key stretches to frustrate the twin towers of Gasol and Bynum.
The big and burly Indiana Pacers too were beaten by the much smaller and more explosive lineup of the Heat. No Chris Bosh meant Haslem at center and four perimeter guys…and it worked.
The 76ers, Knicks, and Hawks also employed similar small lineups in their playoff runs.
It’s not your father’s NBA. This one is all about 1 big n’ 4 smalls.
The Pistons appear to be stuck in the past.


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One Response to Drummond & Monroe: Is it Motown or Slow-town?

  1. Heasley on June 30, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Greg is very versatile, he will play well alongside the big man

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