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3 names to watch: Robinson, Marshall, & Jones

June 28, 2012
Thomas Robinson is a name you’re definitely hearing more and more of if you watch these NBA Draft Preview shows. The Kansas phenom is a coach’s dream: athletic, rebounds, and is ready to contribute right now. Forget his attacks on the rim, it’s his maturity that really has people (including this blogger) excited. He lost his mother  and grandparents, forcing him to become sole guardian of his little sister. That type of situation either makes or break you…it clearly has done the former. When it comes to lottery picks, it shouldn’t be about “need”…take the best available talent you can. That being said, if anyone from 2 on passes on him they will regret it. Charlotte, Washington, even Cleveland who has a PF from last year’s draft (Tristan Thompson). Take this dude…you’ll thank me later…more importantly your coach and fans will than you. Will he struggle guarding the length of guys like Gasol, Aldridge, and Nowitzki at the ’4′?Doesn’t seem to bother Kevin Love and Blake Griffin…..
If you watched Kentucky in the Final Four, then you know exactly who Terrence Jones is. He’s got quite a few traits that make me think that he’ll have a very long and productive NBA career (barring injury). He’s a lefty, which is always an advantage. TJ’s footwork though is the first thing I remember when I saw him play…he has NBA post moves and moves in the paint and he hasn’t even played in summer league yet. Plus, there may be a slight chip on his shoulder. The guy wet back to school to improve his stock  (and win a championship) only to see himself not even get an invite to the green room on Draft Night. Guys like him and Jared Sullinger will have something to prove when training camp kicks off in October. I expect to see Terrence in training camps for more than a decade. Whichever playoff team from last season that takes him in the middle-late 1st round will have a great NBA vet for years to come.
Kendall Marshall…no, he’s no Kendal Gill. This kid can actually pass the ball…and well. His court vision and passing ability are as good as it gets. How good is he? UNC and its NBA Draft-esque frontline struggled when he wasn’t playing late in the season. That is the sign of a truly great player…how your team plays with and without you. The knock on him is his athleticism on defense. Okay, so he’ll be facing guys like Rose, Westbrook, and Irving next season. But I don’t remember defensive weaknesses hurting a guy like Steve Nash. Just put Kendall next to a great defensive SG and/or SF a la Thabo Sefolosha…he’ll be just fine. Oh, and so will his teammates.
et cetera: If you’re a lover of the Euroleague then you will absolutely hate this draft. The first round will likely not have one foreign-sounding name. But I expect the 2nd round to serve up plenty of Tskitishvili’s for NBA bloggissists to tackle.
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3 Responses to 3 names to watch: Robinson, Marshall, & Jones

  1. McReady on June 28, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    GREAT POINT. its the maturity of robinson that makes him a special player and person. rok jock jay hawk.

    • Michael on July 21, 2012 at 4:56 am

      If the NBA is going to force kids to go to college for any set preiod of time, they might as well force them to go for the full 4 years (or until they graduate with a degree) or forcing them to go for any set amount of time is meaningless. Going to school for only 2 years when it requires 4 years to get most bachelor’s degrees with a normal course-load still isn’t doing much for anyone academically.Since I don’t see the NBA ever requiring players to earn a degree before playing in the league (and I don’t think they should), I’d say I don’t think the NBA should force kids to go to school for any set amount of time unless it’s long enough to get a bachelor’s degree in something.

  2. Rukiye on July 21, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    I think that this is how it should be done. If you rellay believe you are a great player out of high school then go to the NBA, but if you go to college you have to stay for at least two years. Colleges spend tons of money on recruiting and then there players are one and done.

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