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Heat wanted Stoudemire, not Bosh

May 8, 2012


The power forward matchup in the Knicks-Heat series has been full of drama…..none of it coming on the actual court, though.

If you like storylines then this has been the matchup for you.

Chris Bosh brought another life into this world just before Game 3…while Amar’e Stoudemire apparently felt he could put out fires with one hand after Game 2. It’s enough to make the first lady proud (sort of).

If you remember, back in the summer of 2010 these two soap stars were at the top of the list as far as free agent ‘bigmen’ (with Carlos Boozer a distant third). Indications leading up to free agency were that Pat Riley highly coveted Stoudemire and his athleticism at the 4-spot. But when the duo of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade started scheming along their boy Bosh, ‘Riles’ went along for the ride.

Re-signing “Flash” and adding “The King” was too much to pass up…so what if Bosh was second on Pat’s depth chart.


When the 2012 playoffs started last week, I thought Stoudemire would outplay Bosh. But due to extinguishing factors we were only able to see that once from Amar’e, in Game 4. Even Frank Isola took to Twitter to point out the softness of ‘CB4′.


Does Pat Riley regret adding Chris Bosh to this star-studded lineup in 2010? Not outwardly, but deep down I think he does. It could have been money better spent elsewhere to make this team deeper and a stronger inside (btw- Bosh got the largest contract of all three guys). Either way, you can’t argue that the summer of 2010 wasn’t an especially great one down in Miami.


Many think that the Heat were greedy back then in free agency.

Those who believe in karma feel that this group will never win a ring together.

I guess only time will tell.


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One Response to Heat wanted Stoudemire, not Bosh

  1. tha ish on May 25, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    no way. bosh has led a franchise to the playoffs. amare has led a paramedic back to the tunnel. FIRE FIRE

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