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Harrington will play despite injury

April 11, 2012


Al Harrington of the Denver Nuggets has been described as a lot of things during his NBA career, not many were positive. Now, as a veteran, leadership and professionalism seem to be his new calling cards.

Al has decided to continue playing despite a torn meniscus in his knee as Denver clings to a playoff spot with nine games remaining in the season.

“You’re limited,” Harrington said. “You can’t really bend and explode. For me, the biggest thing it’s bothering me with is rebound. But I can move forward and laterally.

“I want to finish this thing out. And this is the best part of the season when you’re in the hunt like this, trying to get a playoff spot. So I’m not going to leave the guys hanging.”

George Karl praised the importance of Harrington, even suggesting he would be in the conversation for team MVP.

“I think Al is going to fight through it, but how effective and efficient he’ll be (is unknown),” Karl said today. “I think Wilson Chandler (hip, groin) will probably be in a similar situation, if and when he gets back. His hip is not going to heal this year. But can he play and be effective?”

Read more at the Denver Post

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One Response to Harrington will play despite injury

  1. Eldridge on April 12, 2012 at 1:09 am

    He has my vote for 6th Man of the Year.

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