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Don’t Underestimate the Heat

April 16, 2012


A few weeks back, I said that the Miami Heat are mentally weak and not even as good as last season’s team. Their play since has only lived down to that assessment. I’m not backing off those statements, especially after their recent stretch of lackluster games (the Bobcat win doesn’t count). However, I do think that the entire nation is jumping off of this bandwagon a little to hard. This team is a sleeping giant…..

The current ‘Heaters’ are better on paper than last year’s group that went all the way to Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Sure, nothing is won on paper, but then again what have the Chicago Bulls or Oklahoma City Thunder won yet? respect, that’s it.

Are we forgetting last season? Miami looked like an amateur team at times, losing games in the final minutes on numerous occasions. They were a joke for about a two straight weeks. Yet, they finished with the league’s best record and were two wins from being NBA champions. Truth is, if this star-studded lineup did things the easy way it would be strange…..they’re ‘Lakers East’.

The playoffs are all about matchups and the Heat still have the ultimate edge in that category. Forgive me for sounding like a video game nerd but this team has Dwyane Wade and Lebron James, with Chris Bosh as their third wheel. That, and even average defense, will beat most teams in a seven game series alone.

The Miami Heat are indeed a sleeping giant…okay, so it’s more like napping. I think they have a better chance it all than the impressively consistent San Antonio Spurs. The Heat have another level they can go to, maybe even two. The Spurs are a great finished product but don’t have another gear to hit when the postseason heats up. Opposing coaches will tell you all the time, they fear the unpredictable when game-planning…why do you think Don Nelson coached for so many years?

Everyone and their mother think the Chicago Bulls are better than the Miami Heat…and they’re probably right. Miami couldn’t even beat the Bulls without a healthy Rose…twice. But heading into the playoffs teams want a rhythm, and the Bulls are disjointed as they try to work  Rose back into the mix. Miami, however, has been playing with the same group all year. Chicago may have been sending messages all year, but the Heat have had the continuity. That’s huge. Unlike last season, this group knows their roles. Lebron leads the way in quarters 1-3, then Wade closes the deal late. Okay, it’s not rocket science but it took some time to get the kinks out. I still think this duo is better than Durant-Westbrook, Bryant-Bynum…maybe even Michael-Scottie (blasphemy!). Anyways, you get my picture…it’s a combo made for playoff dominance.

Eric Spoelstra recently moved Udonis Haslem into the starting lineup for Joel Anthony. It may be just what this group needs to spark a run.

No team has ever swept through a playoff run, but Miami has that kind of potential.

Don’t wake this giant.

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One Response to Don’t Underestimate the Heat

  1. Fitzgerald on April 22, 2012 at 1:35 am

    Have you even watched any NBA games this season bro?!?! The HEAT are not even as good as last yera!

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