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Real Talk: Warriors Made a Bad Deal

March 14, 2012


Who made this deal, GM Larry Riley or owner Joe Lacob??

…maybe it was Joe’s secretary, Linda…

Usually when a team trades small for big, it’s considered a win. While neither player has been an All-Star yet, Andrew Bogut is still a seven-footer and Monta Ellis is…um, not. The old schoolers out there would say that the Milwaukee Bucks lost in this deal, losing a center for a small guard.

Well, this one is the exception to the rule.

The Golden State Warriors have, I mean had, two young stars in their backcourt. One was healthy, explosive, and a game-changer…and the other was Stephen Curry. They decided to keep the second one this week, and send Ellis off to another team.

I don’t buy that the pressure coming from Monta’s camp fueled this transaction (reportedly he requested a trade behind closed doors). This team traded their leading scorer, 9th overall in the league, for a center that’s having a harder time staying healthy than Curry and his gimpy right ankle are.

I don’t know what’s more common on NBA League Pass, Andrew missing a game or Stephen just collapsing as he runs down court unguarded? Some reports today are that he may even be shut down for the rest of the season.

Oh, and enjoy the return of Capt. Jack to ‘The Bay’…he may just light up the practice facility like an Indiana strip club parking lot.

Warrior fans better get used to seeing the combination of Klay Thompson and David Lee, because that’s the only 1-2 punch Golden State will have consistently over the next few years.

Actually…scratch that, we all saw how bad the injury bug can hit David Lee last season. Make that Thompson and Ekpe Udoh….oh, he was included in the Monta deal too? Ouch…..I wonder how Andris Biedrins is doing in post drills lately.

Probably not looking good…..just like the future of the Golden State Warriors.

UPDATE: Chris Broussard is reporting that the Warriors preferred to trade Curry over Ellis, but the ankle injuries scared off many teams. I can see why.


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 for a more objective breakdown of the trade, click here

Source: Knicks, Kings discussing Douglas Trade

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One Response to Real Talk: Warriors Made a Bad Deal

  1. Max on March 14, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Haters gonna hate.

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