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Trade Chatter on Deadline Day

March 15, 2012


With Dwight Howard finally jumping off the merry-go-round and opting-IN for the 2012-13 season (allegedly), now the 10-15 teams that were hoping to get in on the Howard talks can move on…quickly. While there isn’t much time left, there are a lot of things on the table…..


3-team deal (Beasley to Lakers)

This deal could go down any minute. The Portland Trail Blazers and Minnesota Timberwolves again began discussing a trade involving Jamal Crawford but this time it was a 3-team deal. The Los Angeles Lakers would be receiving Michael Beasley. The Blazers would get Steve Blake from L.A. The hold up yesterday? Portland was hoping to pry away Dallas’s 1st rd pick acquired in the Lamar Odom deal. The Lakers appear set on using that pick to acquire a PG following this Beasley deal.

…..hint hint, there is another trade in the works for the Los Angeles Lakers (Ramon Sessions?).

Speaking of Sessions…..

Ramon is definitely changing teams today, the only question is will it be the much-hyped Laker deal or a more boring desitnation like the Atlanta Hawks (who already have Jeff Teague starting). My money is on L.A. The Lakers have a 1st round pick to dangle as well as the willingness to assume Ramon’s contract. Will they use their trade exception or move a few role players? will either get a deal done?? check back after 3pm ET.

C.J. Miles to New Jersey Nets

The Utah Jazz have pretty much everyone available as they look to shake things up a bit. The hardest rumor is Miles headed to NJ to be re-united with good friend Deron Williams. Josh Howard is also still getting a lot of interest (Lakers, Spurs, Knicks, Celtics). Also, Raja Bell is a name being asked about. The Los Angeles Clippers were exploring this move in recent days.

Clippers offering Bledsoe for SG

The ‘Clips’ know they need a traditional shooting guard to compete in the western conference playoffs, and they’ve decided that second-year PG Eric Bledsoe is their best chip (Mo Williams is playing too well to move). They have been trying to get Raja Bell from the Jazz, but would probably be fine getting Albert Bell….they just want an upgrade here. I think they’ll eventually make a bad deal just to get some size in the backcourt…Bledsoe is going to be a stud in this league.

Chris Kaman on the move

A former All-Star center with an expiring contract? sign me up. That’s what half of the league is saying…but no one more loudly than the Indiana Pacers. Yes, they have current All-Star Roy Hibbert but no real depth with size (Hansbrough, Amundson, and the aging Jeff Foster). They are the frontrunner for Kaman. I think the Hornets center, though, has a darkhorse suitor…one that should be strongly considered: the Boston Celtics. Jermaine O’neal is contemplating wrist surgery, and Kevin Garnett is starting at center. Unless the team thinks Greg Stiemsa can be a young Dave Cowens by April, Kaman is their best move…and maybe only one. Interesting rumor today is that Mike Dunleavy, part of the group trying to buy the Hornets, wants the team to keep Kaman (his former player in L.A.).

Ray Allen is a goner

I have no concrete evidence of this, nor a hot new rumor to throw at you..I just really think that Ray will be traded today. The team will not contend this year as presently constructed. Allen is the only moveable piece the Celtics have (KG is a max player w/ trade kicker, Pierce is Mr. Celtic, and Rajon Rondo is the team’s DNA). Ray has a manageable contract and a lot of value…he’s never hurt and is in better shape every single year. He would be a great addition to a playoff team (Clippers?). If Danny Ainge doesn’t move Ray today, then he truly learned nothing from Red Auerbach (Red kept his ‘Big Three’ together way past their primes).

Boris Diaw wants out

The pudgy Frenchmen wants out in Charlotte, but will a team trade for him? No, they’ll wait for him to get bought out by the Bobcats (he’s making $9M this year).

New Jersey Nets talking to everyone

Now that Dwight has committed somewhat to the Magic, the Nets now have to try and surround Deron Williams with some talent now in order to convince him to stay this summer. They don’t have much time, and C.J. Miles alone ain’t gonna cut it. They will be active today…if anything else, on the phones.

Houston Rockets want ‘bigman’

…..badly. The team that had Pau Gasol snatched away from them in the 11th hour before the season is still trying to get Gasol…and Howard, Shaq, Mourning, Ewing, Kareem….you get the picture. This team, and it’s legendary bigman coach Kevin McHale, are dangling everyone they’ve got (except Kyle Lowry) to get a star center or power forward on the roster. The team sits in 8th right now and think they could get up to 5th with a legitimate ‘big’. They were willing to “Rent” Dwight Howard for the rest of the season, and reportedly are still calling the Magic trying to get Dwight in Rocket red. They will be busy today (Luis Scola & Kevin Martin have their bags packed).

Et Cetera: I look for the Lakers to keep Pau Gasol. The team is finally gelling on offense the last week or so and to break it up now would mean the past 3 months have been a big waste of Mike Brown’s time and effort. The west is wide open as is.

p.s. – don’t expect the Orlando Magic to stop talking calls about Dwight Howard…in fact, they may even make a few just to be safe.


UPDATE: Grizzlies trade Sam Young to 76ers…Pacers acquire Leandro Barbosa for 2nd rd pick


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One Response to Trade Chatter on Deadline Day

  1. Ty Shades on March 15, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Beasley and Sessions for Blake and role players…do it, do it!

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