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Real Talk: Joe Lacob dropped the ball

March 20, 2012


If you missed the Chris Mullin jersey retirement ceremony at halftime of the Golden State Warriors game Monday night then you missed a show unlike any I’ve ever seen at an NBA game.

It completely caught me off guard when the crowd pummeled owner Joe Lacob with boos as he tried to shower ‘Mullie’ with compliments. I should’ve known something was up when the fans booed David Stern‘s name ferociously during Chris’s acceptance speech.

Are the Warriors an embarrassment at 18-25? hardly…Was Monta Ellis some perennial All-Star that got shipped off for spare parts?? nope…..So what’s with all the animosity up in ‘The Bay’???

I don’t even remember the name of the previous owner of the team…what did he do that was so great? Lacob wasn’t even around when the team decided to give Andris Biedrins that $54 million deal back in 2008.

I’m not here to stick up those Golden State fans in the crowd, though I do think they were wrong in their assessment of the situation. But I do think that Joe Lacob really dropped the ball. He should’ve had some fun with the crowd, try and show some personality…instead, he paused awkwardly hoping the negativity would subside. It only got worse.

In high school, my teacher always encouraged us to ask questions during presentations, saying that it not only helped us learn but helped the presenter cover all the important topics. In sales, I was always taught to welcome objections/questions because (by addressing them) you can actually turn them into strong selling points.

Lacob missed a great opportunity to rally the Warrior fans on Monday night. Half of them were only booing because everyone else was…it’s just a mob. The stage was set, on television, to get everyone on his side…..and instead, he looked like some nerdy kid that needed Chris Mullin and Rick Barry to protect him from a big bully.

While the crowd responded to Chris, they hardly respected Rick’s rant…..he sounded like a whiny neighbor yelling at kids to get off of his lawn. To this day I don’t know where Brent Barry got his charisma, cause it wasn’t from his ‘pops’.


Back to the event in question…..Lacob’s speech ended with presenting Chris Mullin and his entire family with a trip to Hawaii…DHOA!

I think ‘Mullie’ can afford to take his own trip, and to a lot more exotic places than Maui. Why didn’t the team choose ten random fans from the crowd that night and send them to the islands? That’s how you win a crowd over, Joey.

The team could miss the playoffs for 10 more years and fans would still be talking about that vacation giveaway night.

Lastly, I would also like this opportunity to blast “co-owner” Peter Guber. I haven’t seen ‘Goobs’ at any home games this year, nor was he part of the ceremony Monday night. If I was a Warriors fan, I’d save my biggest taunts for the next time he shows his clueless face at Oracle Arena.


The next new ownership group that submits their proposal before the NBA’s Board of Governors need not just bring financial proposals…they need to bring some charisma, too.

It ain’t a Dairy Queen.


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3 Responses to Real Talk: Joe Lacob dropped the ball

  1. fred on March 20, 2012 at 11:58 am

    From my contacts in the Warriors fanbase, Monta was their guy through and through. Steph and Monta were always mentioned in trade rumors, and Dubs fans always hoped that it was Steph and his glass ankles that would be traded, not Monta. Trading Monta shows management isn’t in touch with their fanbase. Lacob’s wife wouldn’t talk to him the days following the Monta trade. Warriors fans have already given up on Mark Jackson. They kept their oft-injured guard and traded for an oft-injured center for the guy that got snubbed on the All-Star team the past few years. And Rick Barry is the last person who should be touching the microphone in that situation, that dude’s an asshole

    • Martin Knezevic on March 20, 2012 at 12:11 pm

      Fred, thanks for the info. You’re dead on. To steal a line from KG…if you don’t like Monta Ellis then there’s something wrong w/ you. The guy goes to the basket harder now than before he got paid, and is surprisingly durable for his size. Ain’t it a little early to be giving up on Mark Jackson? I thought he was a bad hire last year. I’d rather have a guy who worked his way up the ranks like Mike Brown/Keith Smart than JVG’s TV sidekick. That being said, he’s impressed me w/ his demeanor and leadership. X’s & O’s…the jury’s still out on that one. As for Rick Barry, does anyone NOT on that ’75 championship squad even talk to him?

    • Fan on March 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm

      Absolutely dead on Fred. Monta was the heart of the Warriors post-We-Believe era. Monta came out every night and gave 100%. It’s absolutely disgusting how some fans turned on him for his moped incident (he was still only a kid and kids do stupid things in their lifetime). Notice how you heard more boos than cheers for Lacob. Those fans appreciated Monta’s hard work. For Lacob and Larry Riley to trade the heart of the team for another injured player is like repeating history over and over again. Fans had enough, so they vented their frustration. Also Lacob opened his big mouth ever since he took over and has not delivered on any of his promises. The fans have the right to boo the hell out of him. But it wasn’t appropriate last night because it was a night to celebrate Chris Mullin.

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