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Deadline Day Karma

March 16, 2012


I’m always a little dissappointed at the trade deadline. The fan in me expects every team to at least make one move. Well, these teams really let me down me in other ways…..


Boston Celtics 

Did Danny Ainge learn nothing from the legendary Red Auerbach? Red’s only regret in his run as Celtic Godfather was that he didn’t break up his ‘Big Three’ in the late 80′s, when they still had some value left. The subsequent tragedies involving Len Bias and Reggie Lewis sent the franchise into a tailspin that took over a decade to recover from. Paul Pierce is ‘Mr. Celtic’ and Kevin Garnett‘s contract (and his nasty trade kicker) are an albatross on this roster. Ray Allen, however, should be wearing another uniform right now….it would be good for the ‘Celts’ and also good for the league. This group of fossils are not going anywhere this year. The hot talk is that center Chris Kaman will get bought out in New Orleans and then sign with the green team. But it won’t be to chase a ring, it’ll be to chase a 1st round exit. This franchise is destined for more tragedy. The heart issues of Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox are concerning…What’s in the air up there? It’s just tragic…or maybe it’s karma. You can’t buy champiosnhips….feel me Pat Riley?

Portland Trail Blazers

There’s nobody I feel worse for right now, other than Greg Oden, is ‘Blazers Nation’. Management made the decision to put the entire team on the market yesterday…I’m surprised they didn’t move a few hot dog vendors. Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby are gone, and so would Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton if the team wasn’t so scared of taking on contracts for the future. This franchise is flat out giving up on the season and, unlike most bloggissists, I don’t understand why. The west is weaker than it was last year…it’s wide open, with plenty of question marks. The Blazers should’ve been trying to right the ship and get back into the playoff picture…not getting rid of their coach and core players. This team hasn’t won a ring since 1977, and the way they’re headed they should be back in The Finals somewhere around 2077. Karma is a mutha…..we all remember how the franchise treated former GM Kevin Pritchard. You made your bed Blazers…..now go hit the sack.


Orlando Magic

The soap opera is over…..for now. Dwight Howard announced that he was opting-IN for the 2012-13 season, putting Orlando management and residents at ease. Everyone can finally sleep at night. I disagree. This team blew it….they should have turned around and moved Dwight once the ink dried on that opt-in. After all he’s put them through, it’s only karma that he get moved to a Sacramento or a Charlotte with a whole years and a half of contract obligations on him. I’m take it that there was no wording in the opt-in that he can’t get dealt in the next 24 hours so, assuming that, the team should’ve sold him hard on deadline day and gotten the best deal they could get. This whole saga will play itself out again this summer, next season, and maybe even beyond. The next team Howard plays for, and he will play for another team, will inherit the same immature “superstar” player…..oh, and the bad karma.


Honorable mention:

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers had not one, but two 1st round picks for this June’s draft on Wednesday, and as of Thursday night they had none. This is going to be one of the best draft’s in history…picks 3-30 are going to be even as well as talented. I understand the team giving up their pick to get Ramon Sessions…but moving Derek Fisher and their other pick (acquired from Dallas in the Odom trade) for Jordan Hill? The Lake Show got robbed. I’d have preferred they kept ‘Fish’ as something of a mentor and tried to pick up another ‘big’ via free agency (aka- buyout wire). Not having a pick in the 1st roung of the 2012 draft may come back to burn the Lakers. Will Mitch Kupchack and Jim Buss even have the stomach to watch it on TV?


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3 Responses to Deadline Day Karma

  1. Johnny Blaze on March 17, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    The Blazers are done, put a fork in em.

  2. Steve on March 19, 2012 at 7:23 am

    The pick the Lakers gave up in the Fisher/Hill deal was the Dallas conditional pick that is top 20 protected until 2018. With the way the Mavs have played of late, they may not finish in the top 10 seeds. If they don’t get Deron next year, who knows when they will be a top 10 seed overall again. Let some other team wait out that pick.

    • Martin Knezevic on March 19, 2012 at 7:35 am

      Steve, Thanks for pointing that out. I mixed up the two picks, it was a crazy day. You’re right, it’s a difficult spot to be in when your pick has restrictions…do you wait it out or plan your offseason around it? Looks like it wasn’t that bad of a move. I just fear that getting 2 possible 1st rd picks in this draft was too much to pass up…but I guess it’s about winning now with Kobe’s odometer where it’s at.
      Thanks for chiming in, Steve…Do you think Jordan Hill will get enough minutes to make a difference in this year’s run? I think Brown should give McRoberts his minutes back.

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