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The Knez All-Stars

February 8, 2012


With the All-Star reserves set to be announced Thursday, I felt the need to share my picks for the two squads. If any of you have beef please let me know down below, otherwise enjoy…..


WEST (I’m tired of people always listing the East first):

{starters: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Andrew Bynum}


Russell Westbrook OKC – For chemistry’s sake I hope he subs in when Durant subs out…no seriously, this man is a freak and should play big minutes in Orlando. He’ll be much more comfortable than last year.

Tony Parker SAS  – He’s averaging 18 & 7 for a team that’s won 5 in a row and climbing up the West standings. With Manu out he’s taken on a bigger load.

Rudy Gay MEM  – The biggest beneficiary of Zach Randolph getting hurt. He was allowed to go back to the scoring Rudy and not the post-feeding Gay.

Kevin Love MIN  I don’t have words for what he does on the glass. What I can tell you is just look at his body compared to last season. He’s ripped and hungry….even Luis Scola would vote for him.

Marc Gasol MEM  – This is my pick and I’m sticking to it…that being said Al Jefferson will likely get this spot. Marc is one of my favorite players. He’s an old-school center that reminds me of Vlade Divac at times (though teammate Hamed Haddadi looks more like Vlade).  I’m rewarding the Grizz for last year’s run by giving them 2 All-Stars despite being under .500. (it’s my list and I can do whatever I want).

LaMarcus Aldridge POR  – It’s finally time for LA to get into the All-Star game. This honor is usually a year behind and this is a perfect example…he was a stud LAST year too. This year he’s expanded his post game and can now go right or left comfortably.

Ty Lawson DEN  – Gallinari may average more points for the Nuggets but Ty makes this ship go…and it goes fast. Plus, Gallo is out a month with a chip fracture in his foot.

alternates: Al Jefferson UTA, Monta Ellis GSW



{starters: Derrick Rose, Dywane Wade, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard}

Rajon Rondo BOS - 4 years ago I couldn’t stand this guy, his attitude and demeanor as a young guy on a team overloaded with stars annoyed me. Now, he’s one of my favorite players in the league. He does it all on both ends of the floor (well, except shooting 3′s). His jumper is also much better than last season. His game is ideal for the All-Star game. The East bigs better be ready for the lobs n’ no-look passes.

Andre Iguodala PHI – It’s finally his time. With all due respect to Melo, the truth is…Iggy is the best player on the best team in the Atlantic Division. He manned up on Kobe the other night and came out with the win.

Danny Granger IND  – The best scorer on a Pacer team that just keeps growing and getting better. I’m still waiting for him to build that Bat Cave.

Josh Smith ATL  – Joe Johnson may be their leading scorer and go-to player, but Smooth is their glue. He was snubbed last yr, then came into this one 25 lbs lighter and seemingly more mature. While he still luvs shooting jumpers he has taken a bigger load with Al Horford out. It’s his time.

Chris Bosh MIA – He’s bigger this season and fittingly is my choice as Eastern Conference reserve center…his reward banging w/ Marc Gasol all night.

Deron Williams NJN – He’s a stud on a bad team, but a stud nonetheless. I’m picking him despite the fact that Jeremy Lin dominated him recently at the Garden. I choose to look the other way.

Paul Pierce BOS – Last month I was calling for him to come off the bench following his heel injury…this month I’m adding him to the All-Star team. Hey, we need a Celtic and he’s their leading scorer averaging 18 & 5. I picked him over Joe, who’s averaging the same points but 2 less boards…simple math.

alternates: Joe Johnson ATL, Brandon Jennings MIL…..(Carmelo Anthony is currently out 1-2 weeks)


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3 Responses to The Knez All-Stars

  1. john doe on February 8, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Timmy before Monta. You got Timmy D/O vs Monta O.

    • Martin Knezevic on February 9, 2012 at 11:55 am

      I can’t put Duncan on this team, his numbers just aren’t good enough (13 & 8). I’m a firm believer that this game should not be a lifetime achievement award…

  2. Arnita on February 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I still can’t believe Rondo didn’t get in..

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