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Nets Losing Games, Will They Lose Deron?

January 6, 2012


First Chris Paul dominated the rumor mill, now Dwight Howard. How come Deron Williams hasn’t been mentioned as often in relation to the summer of 2012? Other than around the Dallas Mavericks water cooler, there has been a quiet belief that Williams is likely to stay put. In many NBA circles, talk is that he is more likely to convince a star to join him on his move to Brooklyn next season (Dwight) than bolt for greener hardwoods. The problem is that, while the Nets have shown Deron a lot in his short time in Jersey, they haven’t shown him success.

The team started the season 1-6 before righting the ship a bit in Raptorland on January 6th. Okay, so Brook Lopez is out with a stress fracture in his foot, but still…the culture of winning is as important to a player as big markets and the “legacy” factor. Surely Mikhail Prokhorov knows that moving to Brooklyn and building a brand new arena aren’t enough to bring stars to the Nets by themselves. Deron is averaging only 6 assists per game this season with over 4 turnovers (league leader). His second leading scorer? rookie Marshon Brooks off the bench. Losing is contagious, and this group is building bad habits as it waits for the Barclays Center to get finished. People forget that the Miami Heat were a solid team before adding Chris Bosh and Lebon James to the roster. Dwyane Wade n’ crew made it to the playoffs in 2010 and played the Boston Celtics tough in the first round. They added two more stars to a team that already had a good defensive system and solid leadership. That summer wasn’t a fantasy draft, the Heat were a good team to begin with.

I’m not trying to depress you Nets fans out there…truth is, Deron may likely decide to stay despite all the losing going on this season. I mean this is the same guy that chose to sign with Besiktas in Turkey during the Lockout, a team that’s hardly known for good (or even serious) basketball. He lost the respect of a lot of fans overseas by picking a team that is not respected as a real basketball franchise. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and CSKA Moscow would have wiped the floor with the Besiktas, even with Deron in the lineup. There is a good chance that the big lights in New York and the big checks of a max deal are enough to get D-Will to stay with the Nets. But then, in the end, what do the Nets really have? It’ll be the Knicks Part 2…plenty of star power but no defense nor playoff success. Winning has to be a priority, whether it’s a super-hyped team or an under-the-radar squad. Victories are the ultimate currency.

New Jersey needs to get to .500 or else Brooklyn will be a bittersweet move. Just ask the Knickerbockers….winning is the ultimate respect.


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2 Responses to Nets Losing Games, Will They Lose Deron?

  1. Wyatt Bott on February 12, 2012 at 3:23 am

    if they don’t get dwight, deron is gone. long gone.

  2. Mikhail-Z on February 15, 2012 at 12:26 am

    I may have to suit up for the Nets next yr at Barclays.

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