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Paul vs Westbrook

January 31, 2012


The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder at home Monday night, marked by a 12-0 blitzkrieg to end the 1st half. Thunder fans can’t blame the schedule-makers here as the Clips flew in from Denver the night before.  The point guard matchup was especially revealing. While the high-flying Russell Westbrook made spectacularly athletic plays early on, it was the saavy and veteran Chris Paul who made the great basketball plays and controlled the ballgame throughout. If the two played one-on-one I’d take Westbrook 9 out of 10 times, but in an NBA game it’s CP3 all the way. Westbrook needed 26 shots to get his 31 points, and totaled just 4 assists. Paul, however, managed 14 assists and took only 16 shots to get his 26 points. He showed all the young PG’s out there watching (as well as Russell) that it’s not about how fast you go but when you decide to hit the gas. I lost track of how many times Russ exploded down the lane but came up dry. Meanwhile, Chris just kept coming down the court at his own pace and getting whatever he wanted. Oh, and he also target=”_blank”> taught us a little bit about running the pick n’ roll. Nobody controls the ball better than Paul.

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One Response to Paul vs Westbrook

  1. JorbotheBorb on January 31, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Let’s not forget 4-6 assist-turnover ratio for Westbrook vs 14-2 for Paul.

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