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Mo Williams Out vs Lakers

January 14, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Mo Williams will not be available tonight as the team faces the Los Angeles Lakers. He is day-to-day with an injured right foot and will miss the first matchup of these crosstown rivals this regular season. Randy Foye will get the bulk of the minutes at backup point guard. The Lakers are without point guard Steve Blake for 3-4 weeks due to fractured rib cartilage. Rookie Darius Morris played well against the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. Metta World Peace is likely to play despite a sore achilles. The Clippers host the Lakers tonight at 7:30pm PST.

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Lakers Should Pursue Mo Williams

January 5, 2012



According to the media, the Los Angeles Lakers have been weak at the PG spot since Nick ‘the quick’ Van Exel was running the show back in the late 90′s. Even during the 5 championships since, Derek Fisher and his colleagues at the 1-spot have been taking the brunt of the negativity in Lakerland. The CP3 trade almost solved this problem once and for all, but alas…the Lakers were left with the same backcourt as last season. While Steve Blake is playing more like he did in Portland and ‘Fish’ is surprisingly productive after months of sitting at the negotiating table, an upgrade is still badly needed. For this, the Lakers should look no further than right down the hall at Staples Center.

No, Chris Paul isn’t walking through that door…but maybe Mo Williams is. After Lamar Odom, the next player most affected by the Chris Paul trade…non-trade…then trade again was Williams. The starting PG for the Clippers at the end of last season is now being used sporadically as a combo guard off the bench…giving CP3 and Chauncey Billups a blow whenever it’s needed. Mo came into this season in the best shape of his life and is playing like it. He’s averaging over 10 points per game in a reserve role, while adding 4 assists to just 1 turnover per game. Do the math here…he could be putting up close to 20 and 8 as a starter (in theory). On the other side of the ball, no one will ever confuse Williams for a great defender. But he has as much potential to play solid defense as Blake or Fisher do. I think the energy of being the Laker starting PG would bring the best out of Mo on both ends of the floor.

The Lakers should seriously look into bringing Mo over to their side of the arena. He’s as familiar as anyone with Mike Brown‘s system after his years in Cleveland. Maurice also has shown that he knows how to play with a dominant superstar who likes to have the ball in his hands (Lebron James). Playing alongside Kobe Bryant will be a breeze for him, especially with all the open spot-up three’s coming off Bynum and Gasol post-ups. Okay, now here comes the bad part…Williams won’t come cheap. He is making $8.5 million this year and has a player option for next season (just put him down for that as well). It’ll take some assets to get him from the Clippers via trade, they still need a shooting guard and some frontcourt depth. Mitch Kupchak should be on the phones as we speak looking for a 3rd team to try and get this deal done (are the Rockets still available?).

The Lakers can still salvage some good from the botched Chris Paul trade. The Clippers have an extra point guard now…and he’d look great in purp n’ yellow.


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5 Responses to Mo Williams Out vs Lakers

  1. Dave Rosa on January 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    only a faker fan would think that the clippers would help the fakers….put down the pipe…typical faker fan that thinks anyone would want the trash that sits on the faker bench.

    • Martin Knezevic on January 16, 2012 at 11:31 am

      Dave, you sound like Billy Crystal (“Forget Paris” is a great movie btw). Are you implying that I’m a Laker fan? That’s a serious accusation…obviously you haven’t read any of my recent posts where I say that the Clippers are actually better on paper than their crosstown rivals. As for a Mo trade, I mention a 3rd team would likely be needed to provide LAC with what they need (a SG or maybe another bigman). GMs Neil Olshey and Mitch Kupchak are concerned w/ making their teams better…it’s not about “helping” other teams. What would YOU like the Clips to do w/ Mo?

  2. hostetler on January 19, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Mo came back w/ a bang vs Dallas

    • Ed on May 1, 2012 at 5:16 pm

      I question what the team is going to do with Mo Williams now? I wasnt a fan of us mainkg sure he signed his extension. I just thought we had finally seen enough of Baron Davis so we took on his contract. Watching that out of shape pg carry himself like an all star to over compensate for the truth Hes the next Marbury but even worse. Both guys will never be winners in this league. Overpaid? Dont you know it. I was a true Davis hater. Guy was a coward. No heart. Get paid like that and turn your back on the city you grew up in? Goodbye.Anyways sorry about that. I have a lot of passion for this team. Billups relys on his shot too much at this point in his career. Hes not the playmaker this clipper team needs. More dimes less fgs. I just dont want Blake and Jordan (when we match that contract) to be standing around watching Chauncey backdown a smaller PG.

  3. Elroy on January 27, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Ooooh Mo starting next to Kobe. I like it!

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