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Heat Beat Lakers, Both Teams Lost

January 20, 2012


Most people look at Thursday night’s game on South Beach as pretty cut n’ dry: the Miami Heat dominated the Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James outplayed Kobe Bryant. No, I think both sides lost here…


For the Lakers it wasn’t just that the boxscore ended up looking one-sided, it was what happened underneath the surface. Kobe started the game very passive, looking inside on every play. This was by design as head coach Mike Brown wanted to assert the ‘bigs’ and inserting some new plays earlier in the week. The result was the first 8 points being scored inside (Pau Gasol 6, Andrew Bynum 2). But ‘Drew’ picked up his second foul early and then Pau started taking jumpers…..the game got steadily out-of-hand as the half went on. The Lakers never recovered from their 15-point halftime deficit. Kobe tried to do things Brown’s way last night and it didn’t work. This only gives Bryant less faith in the gameplan going forward and more faith in the ‘I gotta do it myself’ plan.


The Heat, meanwhile, smell like roses from far away…well, step a bit closer and take another whiff. Yes, they beat a Western Conference powerhouse without Dywane Wade…LBJ was all-world again in his absense. When Lebron plays like he did last night (and against the Spurs Tuesday), he’s the best player on the court, nay planet earth, nay target=”_blank”>Marz. But the problem is, when Wade is on the court with him he turns into that kid on the Akron high school team years ago…he just wants to have fun and be one of the guys. When Wade is out, Lebron is clearly the league’s MVP…when they’re both on the court, James is just another frustrating talent and fodder for Charles Barkley‘s rants. This is a big problem in Miami. You can’t tell me it’s not a big deal that when one of your two best players only plays to his potential when the other one is out. Wade-Bosh or James-Bosh…maybe Pat Riley should’ve just picked one.


As this crazy 66-game season flies by and we head into the playoffs, this is just one regular season meeting. But when the season is over we should all look at this game…and what it showed us about these two teams.


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One Response to Heat Beat Lakers, Both Teams Lost

  1. Grover Dobie on February 3, 2012 at 6:16 pm

    did u even watch this game bro??

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