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Hawks Should Go Big, Sign Dalembert

December 13, 2011

The Atlanta Hawks didn’t know what to expect from forward Josh Smith coming into training camp. After yet more trade rumors this offseason, ‘Smooth’ hinted that maybe it was better that he move on from the only city he has known in his life…let alone his playing career. Well surprise, surprise…..

Josh reported to training camp 25 lbs lighter than last season, and sporting a new attitude to go along with that new body. I would’ve loved to see Larry Drew‘s face when he saw Smith looking like he just came out of high school all over again. This new development could set off a whole domino reaction of events in the ATL. Maybe now, coach Drew can use that big lineup he imployed vs. the Magic in the playoffs on a full-time basis…with Smith at the SF and Horford at the PF. This means a starting caliber center would be needed in Atlanta as Jason Collins is too old while Pape Sy, Kent Benson are too young. What about free agent Samuel Dalembert? He is surprisingly still available (how did Kwame Brown sign ahead of him??). I haven’t heard Sammy’s name since he passed on the Miami Heat‘s ‘mini mid-level’ exception last week (though the Mavs are reportedly interested). His length would fit perfectly next to the bulk and brawn of ‘Big Al’. The only problem with this lineup is it would cause Josh Smith to shoot even more jumpers…something Hawks fans cringe at nightly. But it’s still something worth thinking about. This lineup would be a nightmare on the boards and nearly impossible to get to the basket against. Would the Sacramento Kings be interested in a sign-and-trade deal netting them forward Marvin Williams? Donte Greene is hardly the answer at the 3-spot in Sactown, as Geoff Petrie continues to offer him up in trade talks. Plus, newly acquired John Salmons is really more a shooting guard anyways. Acquiring Samuel Dalembert is a move worth thinking about if you’re General Manager Rick Sund.

Hopefully J-Smooth has been working on making his, um, ‘J’ smooth this summer…..because we might be seeing a lot more of Josh on the perimeter starting Christmas Day.


UPDATE: Samuel Dalembert signed with the Houston Rockets for 2 years, $14 million.

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2 Responses to Hawks Should Go Big, Sign Dalembert

  1. Snug Dogg on March 8, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Interesting idea…guess the Hawks would be a lot better defensively with Horford at the PF. No more easy layups inside.

  2. Wender on July 16, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    As a Knick fan I am so proud of the Knicks organization and James Dolan for getnitg rid of the Virus that was Jeremy Lin.Now I love Stat,but when he returns from injury he better mesh with Melo or else I we need to trade him asap.

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