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Trade Proposal: Pau Gasol & Rudy Gay

November 4, 2011

We have a trade proposal to announce:


In a 3-team deal, the Los Angeles Lakers trade PF Pau Gasol to the New Orleans Hornets and receive SF Rudy Gay. The Memphis Grizzlies receive SF Trevor Ariza, PG Jarrett Jack, and SG Marco Bellinelli from the Hornets. The Lakers also get PG Ishmael Smith and PF Darrell Arthur from the Grizzlies to round out the deal.

{for contract numbers, see below}


Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers will be centered around Andrew Bynum in the coming years (health permitting). Everyone knows this…well, everyone except Kobe Bryant. We know that new head coach Mike Brown is down with the program. He was future owner Jim Buss’s pick as coach and we all know that Bynum is Jim’s baby. As The Black Mamba inches closer to retirement, the Lakers will need a star-caliber perimeter scorer to take on his role. Why do you think those ‘Melo to L.A.’  rumors heated up last season? Meanwhile, Gasol will be the team’s 3rd option on offense next season. While his game and personality suit that role, his contract does not. He is making $18 million next year and two more at over 19. With Pau gone, Lamar Odom will step into the starting PF spot alongside Andrew Bynum, while Metta World Peace will become the most physical 6th man in NBA history (Anthony Mason is a close second). PF Darrell Arthur would compensate the Lakers for the depth lost inside while young PG ‘Ish’ Smith could help out at the point. He was impressive in limited minutes last year, including an exceptionally good game versus the Lakers as a Houston Rocket. This trade would give the Lakers a star scorer in his prime while moving the disappointing Gasol. Other than a logjam at the 3-spot next year (add Matt Barnes and Devin Ebanks to the list), I don’t see any negatives here. For those Laker fans still frustrated about the point guard position, this trade isn’t about the 2011-12 season. It’s about the big picture…how the team will survive one day without Kobe Bryant in a Laker uniform. This is Bynum’s team now and he’ll need a star sidekick on the perimeter for years to come. Rudy Gay is that player.

Starting Lineup: Blake, Bryant, Gay, Odom, Bynum

Bench: Fisher, World Peace, Barnes, Arthur, Ebanks, Caracter, Walton (if he’s not waived)


Memphis Grizzlies

My apologies to the Spanish fans out there. I wasn’t able to send Pau back to the Grizzlies here and reunite him with his younger brother. Zach Randolph is the man in Memphis and seems to have a special chemistry with Marc Gasol. It’s lightning in a gatorade bottle. What the ‘Grizz’ could use is more scoring options and versatility on the wing. This wing scoring has to stay within the framework of the Lionel Hollins gameplan (inside, inside again, then out). Trevor Ariza can do a lot of what Rudy Gay can, only with less ball holding and more ball movement. Oh, and did I mention the lower pricetag? at just $7 million per year he make less than half of what Gay does. Los Angeles can better handle the roughly $70 million due Rudy till 2015. Honestly, they won’t even blink…considering the 20+ pts he’ll be giving them. The Grizzlies also add Jarrett Jack to play combo guard off the bench and Marco Bellinelli to provide scoring on the wing. Those are a lot of option for coach Hollins to work with. The only caveat here is that Belinelli, as a restricted free agent, …would have to be re-signed at about $5 mill/yr to make this whole thing work. Seeing that he made $3 million last year, I think he’ll be happy with the mid-level exception.

Starting Lineup: Conley, Allen, Ariza, Randolph, Gasol

Bench: Jack, Bellinelli, Young, Henry, Vasquez, Haddaddi, Mayo (if he’s not traded)


New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets would appear to be the 3rd team in this big trade, but look closer. They get Pau Gasol, arguably the best player in the deal. Their own PF David West is a free agent and will be difficult to re-sign in a weak free agent crop (Indiana is the early favorite). Regardless, I think Pau would be an upgrade here…he’s a better player in many peoples’ eyes. Gasol is also healthy whereas West is coming off knee surgery. Okay, so the Hornets lose the scoring of Ariza but he wasn’t all that consistent of a scoring threat. Paul will stay on the big Spaniard so that we don’t see a repeat of his disappearing act in the playoffs last year. It would be an ideal situation for him as a player and as a person. In Gasol, the Hornets will have a perennial All-Star to play alongside Chris Paul and hopefully get him to stay past the summer of 2012. Following this trade the Hornets roster will look thin (counting all of their free agents) but general manager Dell Demps will have a rather easy time selling players on joining the pass-first Paul n’ Gasol Show…..

Starting Lineup: Paul, Green (FA), Pondexter, Gasol, Okafor

Bench: TBD…..Hornets fans, I can’t do it all



LAL: Rudy Gay ($15M), Darrell Arthur($2M), Ish Smith($0.7M)

MEM: Trevor Ariza ($7M), Jarrett Jack ($5M), Marco Bellinelli ($5.5M-new deal)

NOH: Pau Gasol ($18M)


In closing…..The Lakers get a premier scorer to one day help replace the production and clutch scoring of Kobe Bryant. The Grizzlies get numerous options on the perimeter with much more reasonable contracts. The Hornets get a perennial All-Star to couple with Chris Paul and hopefully convince him to stay past next summer.

Everybody wins in this trade scenario.

I encourage you to leave me any objections/appreciations down below…..


{for more coverage checkout our Team Pages: LAL, MEM, NOH}


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26 Responses to Trade Proposal: Pau Gasol & Rudy Gay

  1. ForeignFlopper on November 6, 2011 at 7:38 am

    This is a terrible trade for the Grizzlies. Essentially, the Grizzlies lose a borderline All-Star in Rudy and a solid role-player in Arthur, and filler for…a solid defending but incredibly inefficient wing in Ariza, a shooter who couldn’t even find regular minutes for Don Nelson, and a solid back-up point guard???!!! Look, why do we need Ariza when we already have Tony Allen? Allen is probably a slightly better defender and, unlike Ariza, understands his limitations on offense. Go have a look at Belinelli’s numbers on basketball-reference.com, especially his advanced statistics; frankly, Belinelli isn’t very good and he’s a marginal player at best when he’s not sharing the backcourt with Chris Paul. Also, I would encourage you to visit a Golden State Warriors website for more detailed analysis on Belinelli. Additionally, the Grizzlies already have Xavier Henry, who I’m confident can replicate Belinelli’s (poor) production. Jarret Jack is alright, but doesn’t add anything to a roster already stocked with guards and wings. In the process, we lose our best bigman off the bench, who, it’s worth noting, is already more productive than Ariza, Belinelli, and Jack in terms of both Win Shares and PER. Also, at some point Gasol and Randolph need a rest, who is going to back them up? Finally, while Ariza “only” makes $7 million a year, that’s far too much for an inefficient wing who can’t be relied upon to score. Belinelli’s is overpaid as well. Why would the Grizzlies trade Rudy’s (in your eyes) bad contract and get 2 bad contracts in return, especially considering that Ariza has 3 more years left on his contract and Jack has 2 more left on his? It’s obvious from your previous posts that you think Rudy Gay isn’t a good player. I disagree with you, but even if you are correct this is still a terrible trade that represents sloppy logic on your part. In the future, I hope you put more thought into your trade proposals.

  2. KNEZ on November 7, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    Quite the contrary FF, I love Rudy’s game. I’m sending him to the Lakers not Siberia. I just don’t think he fits-in anymore in Memphis, a month into the season and I think everyone will see that. In L.A. he’d flourish as the #1 option on the perimeter, with Bynum (coincidentally his good friend) inside. They can absorb his contract a lot better than the Memphis Grizzlies too, who are one of the franchises pushing for a hard cap. Yes they already have a bunch of guards, but don’t confuse quantity with quality. I’m not sold on Vasquez, they need a real backup PG like Jack. You can’t compare Allen to Ariza…Tony’s offense is no where near Trevor’s, even on a bad night. And Jack is coming off a career year, there are teams that would die to have him coming off their bench. As for Belinelli, he’s not the same player as his days with Nellie. He was a kid back then. I think this past season starting for Monty Williams and the Hornets is more indicative of his abilities than his early days in Golden State, do you follow my logic?

    • ForeignFlopper on November 9, 2011 at 6:39 am

      Unfortunately, I don’t follow you.

      I did some checking and I discovered that, other than this season, Belinelli’s numbers are much worse than Sasha Vujacic’s and Martell Webster’s, who are probably his best comparisons. Basically, he’s a streaky shooting gunner who sucks at defense. His numbers were decent this year because he was playing for a shooting guard-starved Hornets team and he shared a backcourt with Chris Paul. This screams fluke to me and I wouldn’t trade ANY Grizzly for Belinelli. While I’m not sold on Grevis either, but a backup point guard is pretty low on the Grizzlies’ list of priorities. We have Ish Smith, Grevis, OJ Mayo, and, if worst comes to worst, we can sign a veteran for the minimum ala Jason Williams last season and Jamal Tinsley the season before. You say that Ariza’s offensive is more diverse than Allen’s, which I’ll grant you, but Ariza, unlike Tony, doesn’t understand his limitations and jacks up all kinds of ill-advised shots, hence his terrible efficieny. Besides, if we have Rudy why do we need Ariza’s “diverse” offensive in the first place? Essentially, in your trade scenario, the Grizzlies and the Lakers both lose what makes them so special in the first place: their size. With more and more teams gravitating towards smaller lineups, the Grizzlies and the Lakers are incredibly difficult matchups because they feature big frontcourts with dominant bigmen. For most teams, the Grizzlies and the Lakers are a matchup nightmare (see the Grizzlies’ series against San Antonio and the Lakers’ 2 title runs). Neither team should sacrifice that considerable advantage unless they are getting significant pieces in return, which you don’t offer. More importantly, both teams lose depth at key pieces while adding redundant players to positions that already have considerable depth. Unless the teams are simply using this trade to set up further trades, it’s a terrible trade for 2 of the three teams involved.

    • KNEZ on November 13, 2011 at 6:22 pm

      FF, Something the #’s won’t tell you: Martell Webster has a serious disc issue in his back that has been bothering him for over a year. It will hinder him his entire career. Sasha Vujacic is a volume shooter, I’d advise you to ignore his point totals. He got the mid-level due to 1 good game in the NBA Finals……The Lakers ARE special with Pau & Drew together, but this will be a new Laker regime. It is Bynum’s team now and nearly $20M/yr is too much for the 3rd wheel that Gasol will be. I am not proposing to break-up the Grizzlies’ bigman combo of Marc & Zach, but Gay doesn’t jive with their gameplan and you will see that a few months into the regular season. As for Ariza, he was made into something he’s not in Houston and New Orleans. In Memphis he’d be back playing with two sensational bigs as he did w/ the Lakers and his efficiency would skyrocket. You would see a new and improved Ariza for half the cost. Gay in the same scenario will suffer and be frustrated. Check-back when the season gets going and you will see what I mean.

  3. Ben R on November 7, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    From a Lakers fan’s perspective, this deal is so terrible it’s borderline comical. Gay is nowhere near the player Gasol is on either end of the floor, and the Lakers basically 1) give up the best player in the deal 2) don’t get any salary relief you would expect from such a deal 3) diminish their greatest advantage in their frontcourt that functions because Gasol can play both the four and the five. Have you noticed that this team just might be competing for a championship next season? Teams like those are built for the short-term and if there’s significant revamping done in that period, it’s done around the periphery, not the primary core unless you’re getting an impact player back worthy of consideration, and as I noted, Gasol is a far better player, especially for the Lakers. Moreover, your entire premise that Bynum will be the focus of the Lakers’ offense is so hilariously wrong. True, Brown has claimed that he’ll implement a Duncan/Robinson Spurs-inspired offense, but the person who will benefit from that the most is Gasol, whose skills (shooting off the pick-and-pop, distributing from the high post, working off double block play) are maximized in the system. Bynum will probably get more touches since Kobe won’t duplicate his utterly insane usage rate from last year as a matter of course, but he’s almost certainly not going to be the team’s first or second option.

    Finally, as ForeignFlopper notes, this deal is terrible for the Grizzlies as well. Why on earth do they give up their best wing and a solid frontcourt backup for the terribly inefficient Ariza and a bunch of scraps? And this is coming from a Lakers fan mind you who is still fond of Ariza but terribly cognizant of his faults. Put Gay on that Memphis team last year and there’s a puncher’s chance that they make it to the Finals.

    • KNEZ on November 13, 2011 at 6:09 pm

      Great stuff. I don’t think this trade would ever happen today, there is no reason for it right now. It is based on 3 ideas that I think will grow as time goes one: 1) Rudy Gay no longer fits-in with the Memphis Grizzlies 2) Pau Gasol is no longer the #2 player in L.A., making too much to be a 3rd wheel 3) the Hornets will lose David West in free agency and have no one to team w/ Chris Paul. I think all 3 of these will become evident in the near future and thus make this trade look a lot more attractive. 2 months into the regular season check back and tell me if it’s that far-fetched. Thanks

    • Ben R on November 14, 2011 at 2:21 pm

      All your premises are fallacious. Gay doesn’t fit in with the Grizzlies? Really? Considering that Battier is leaving in free agency, I’d say that leaves a pretty big spot on the wings, not to mention that they don’t have a whole lot of perimeter scoring on the rest of the roster to complement what Randolph and Gasol do down low. Given that Gay is still relatively young and has a decent amount of upside, letting him go for scraps isn’t a productive move no matter how you splice it. This all ignoring the fact that if the Grizzlies really wanted to trade Gay, they would have plenty of suitors willing to offer far better than this miserably poor one here.

      As for your second notion, I really don’t think you follow the Lakers enough if you’re making a pronouncement like that. This may be hubris from a guy who is a Laker blogger and has followed them religiously for a long period of time, but there’s simply no way that Bynum receives enough touches to become the “number two option.” Gasol fits the structure of Brown’s offense better than Bynum does, he’ll play more minutes than Bynum, he’s still a better post player and overall offensive force, and regardless, it’s an equal opportunity offense that utilizes both bigs in interchangeable roles (distributing from the top of the key while first big flashes to the rim, double block sets where both bigs can play off each other, high/low action, one big acting as the screener on the P&R while the other claims deep post position, etc.). As I noted above, Bynum will receive more touches since Kobe will likely adopt more of a distributing role due to the lack of serviceable point guards on the team who can run a traditional offense, but that’s not going to catapult him to “second banana” status anytime soon. Given that Bynum pretty much reinvented himself as a defensive force after the ASG and concentrated mostly on active defense and rebounding, hence why the Lakers went on a 17-1 streak, there aren’t any problems here. Regardless, same thing with Gay above — if the Lakers wanted to trade Pau, they could get a far better bounty than this, and the notion that they would give up one of their best players and diminish their greatest advantage in frontcourt for a worse player not at a position of need while still actively contending for a championship with an ownership completely willing to foot the bills is just downright ludicrous.

      Your third point just illustrates that you really don’t get the concept of rebuilding or what equitable trades look like. Sure, the Hornets are losing West and Landry, but that doesn’t mean that they get to send scraps away to get a top 20 player. Trades are a two-way street (or three-way in this case). No one in this trade gains anything besides NO, and unfortunately for you, Isaiah Thomas isn’t running the Lakers or the Grizzlies. They can’t do anything about the fact that Paul will be bereft of a secondary option, and it’s why Paul is all but guaranteed to walk, unless NO wises up and trades him for picks and a few nice young pieces to speed up the rebuilding process. I really don’t know what else to say. That you think this is remotely workable just boggles the mind.

    • KNEZ on November 15, 2011 at 5:40 pm

      Ben, I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree w/ Philip B on this one…(see down below)
      Gay’s departure has nothing to do w/ Battier or any other wing (Shane wasn’t starting anyways). It’s not a #’s game, it’s a chemistry thing. Looking forward, I don’t think he will fit in anymore. As for the Lakers, were you watching the same team that I was this past season? Bynum didn’t re-invent himself, he was doing what he always has done only better, that is defense and rebounding. It’s what PJ ingrained in him since his early days. As we got to April and into the playoffs last season we saw the emergence of Bynum. He WANTS the ball now, which is why he had that temper tantrum against the Mavs. He was fine being a role player when times were good, but he thought he should’ve gotten more touches as the old gameplan faltered. He will get more touches than Pau next season, that I assure you. That is Mike Brown’s #1 directive from Jim Buss. This is no secret. If you don’t believe me read Roland Lazenby’s columns on the topic. As for Trevor Ariza and Jarett Jack, I just don’t think they’re scraps, and the contracts aren’t as bad as you make them out to be. Plus, Pau’s contract is the worst here…the Hornets in a small market will have to deal w/ that. Not exactly a landslide trade for them. Talent doesn’t come cheap.

    • Ben R on November 15, 2011 at 10:30 pm

      A chemistry thing? There’s no locker room tension, nor does his game interfere with what the Grizzlies have on the court. As I noted, they don’t have a perimeter threat to complement Randolph and Gasol, and Gay provides that in spades. OKC slowed Memphis’ offense in the playoffs by diverting more attention to the Grizzlies’ post players, and Gay would force teams to respect Memphis’ inside-out game more. You also still haven’t answered my point on why Memphis would accept a trade for scraps considering that Gay would likely be enough to get some nice pieces in return. Trevor Ariza and Jarrett Jack don’t count as “nice pieces” mind you. Gay is a top 40-ish player and that gets you first rounders and a solid veteran or two along with some salary relief, none of which are coming back in this deal.

      And clearly you didn’t really watch the Lakers last season closely enough, as post-ASG, Bynum’s rebounding and defensive activity skyrocketed, along with a significant drop in his field goal attempts. In past years, Bynum’s activity has been directly correlated with his touches on offense, which was far from the case this season. Sure, maybe it was a result of Jackson’s influence that he started focusing on that end more, but there’s no comparison whatsoever between Bynum’s previous play and how much of a defensive presence he was post-ASG. The Lakers changed their entire defensive scheme mid-season to a new one constructed by assistant Chuck Person that was around Bynum’s activity in the middle. You don’t do that unless there’s a big paradigm shift that the coaching staff didn’t anticipate before the season, so “reinvent” is appropriate. And the Jim Buss thing is so absurdly overstated. Read Kevin Ding, a beat writer for the Orange County Registrar far closer to the current scene than Lazenby, who is a mouthpiece for dissatisfied parts of the organization, and the hiring of Brown was hardly made to give Bynum more touches. As I noted before, Gasol fits the offense Brown is going to implement better than Bynum (particularly since a big part of the Duncan/Robinson Spurs is the pick-and-pop, and Bynum’s range doesn’t extend far enough to help in that department), and considering that again, Gasol will play more minutes than Bynum (since Gasol plays both the four and the five in the Lakers’ rotation). On top of that, it’s an equal opportunity offense that will take what the defense gives it, so Bynum isn’t going to be force fed in the post. As such, it makes no sense that Bynum is going to get more touches than Gasol since the opportunity to do so doesn’t exist. Lastly, I bring up the same point as with Gay before, which you seem to be unable to answer — if the Lakers are trading Gasol, they can get much better than Rudy Gay and Darrell Arthur. As with Gay, trading a top 20 player gets you one in return, or multiple first rounders in addition to a number of nice pieces. Moreover, at that level of player, you trade to fill positions of need, and there’s a big, gaping hole at point guard on the Lakers’ roster.

      Your last point is slightly ridiculous. Ariza makes $7 million/year through 2014, which means he is hugely overpaid for being a semi-solid role player, and Jack is not worth $5 million/year for being a backup, although his contract is much less egregious than Ariza’s. Regardless, both are role players at best, and history has shown that MLE-level deals for role players end up terribly for their teams most of the time. Gasol is a top 20 player and is paid like it. So what? Every team in the league would consider him a bargain at that deal, as they would any other player in the top 20. I can’t fathom why you think they aren’t getting a laughably favorable deal in their favor. They’re giving up three role players, none of them exceptional, for a top 20 player without providing picks or salary relief. That simply doesn’t happen.

    • KNEZ on November 30, 2011 at 9:42 am

      Ben, we have a fundamental disagreement here…you think LAL & MEM should keep their players, while I think Pau and Gay should be moved.
      You keep using the same argument on both sides of this trade, it’s contradictory. On one hand Gasol is too good and valuable to be traded to NOH for Rudy Gay, but then Rudy Gay is too good to be moved for “scraps”.
      As for the Memphis offense, a one-on-one player who dominates the ball does not help spacing for post players…spot-up shooters and guys who move without the ball do. I believe the Grizzlies offense will suffer as they try and reincorporate Gay. Trevor Ariza has shown his ability to thrive playing in a post-dominated offense and 2 quality bigs (his best season was with Gasol and Bynum in L.A.). Pau Gasol’s stock is at an all-time low following his play in the playoffs. He was timid and didn’t look engaged, like the 2008 vs. the Celtics. As for Jarrett Jack, you don’t seem to be familiar with his game. He is a combo guard who can start for many teams. He plays starter’s minutes and isn’t just a reserve PG.
      This trade isn’t a landslide for either the Grizz or the Lakers, but in order to get something you have to give in return. Feel free to give me your trade proposal…..

  4. Jack on November 9, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Hell ****** no.

    • KNEZ on November 13, 2011 at 5:58 pm

      Care to elaborate Jack?? -Knez

  5. daul on November 13, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Trade Mayo first. We may still savage Ruday Gay and his contract

  6. Philip B on November 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Flopper & Ben, let me guess, you guys are Gay lovers, right?? :-)
    I like this trade and I have no rooting interest in it (NYK fan here). These are 3 teams who could all use a change for various reasons. Of course Pau is a much better player than Gay, but he is finished in LA after his playoff non-performance. Rudy in MEM is no longer part of the big picture either. They both need a change and so do the their teams. NOH in the meantime gets a talented big to play w/ CP3. This trade ain’t gonna happen but it’s a really good idea. Nice.

  7. toyokawa on November 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    While I don’t think this is a great trade, nor a likely one, I agree with certain components. The Lakers should move probably move Pau and a perimeter scorer like Gay sounds great. Up until reading your recent blogs I thought Rudy would take the Grizz to the next level, now I’m not so sure. His style of play may not fit in as it did before. It’s a good take. As for the Hornets, I think they’ll need more than Ariza, Jack, and Belinelli to get a guy like Gasol. I wouldn’t do this deal, but it’s not a bad thought and it’s gotten me to thinking a deal like this might happen eventually. Not bad. TK

  8. Dale on November 17, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Ben. Are you not getting enuff att at home? It’s blognbasketball, not Benbasketball.

  9. Mertle3448 on November 17, 2011 at 9:51 am


    • Ben R on November 21, 2011 at 4:50 am

      I write for SB Nation’s Laker blog Silver Screen and Roll, at which the link for this article was posted, as it was at several other SB Nation sites. Considering that that’s the only reason I discovered this site — unsurprising given the level of the posts and discussion here — you’ll forgive me for participating in a discussion that the poster of the link (whose only purpose at SB Nation has been to post links to this site, far more of the “pimping” for attention that you accuse me of) obviously wanted people to do so. In any case, the consensus at SS&R and at other SB Nation sites at which these links were posted was universally against this deal and frankly see it as painfully bad (as ForeignFlopper and I say above, and it says volumes that Knez won’t even bother to respond to my latest post, let it out of moderation, or even respond to a number of my arguments). True, maybe dithering on a random blog like this propped up by one guy who couldn’t hold a candle to most of the SB Nation and ESPN Truehoop bloggers (not to mention SI’s Point Forward or CBS Sports’ Eye on Basketball) is a waste of my time. Not much to talk about with the lockout giving us nothing, unfortunately.

    • KNEZ on November 30, 2011 at 9:47 am

      Congratulations on all your blogging success. Blognbasketball has been featured on LATimes.com and ESPN True Hoop, maybe that’s where you saw us.

  10. Tim McCaffery on November 18, 2011 at 4:24 am

    Hi Martin, Tim here. I have always liked Rudy Gay’s game but thought he wasn’t a winner. I agree with you that a change might be needed. I just wish this trade brough Pau Gasol back to Memphis. But you’re right, it is not realistic.

  11. Tatro791 on November 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Gay is a top 40 player, Pau a top 20.
    but they aren’t being traded for each other ben. its a 3 team deal

  12. Toney on November 25, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    BEN. impressive resume. I don’t think blogbasketball is hiring.

  13. Matt on November 27, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Ben, does the “R” stand for RETARD???

  14. Lorenzano on November 28, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Jareett, you seriously want to trade Conley?! what?!?! He had a breakout year, could even be an all-star one day w/ a little help. No way.

  15. jarrett on November 28, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    this trade works for everyone except the grizzles. They trade away their best player for what? Trevor Ariza and Jarrett Jack? Cmon. Lets see what the Grizz can accomplish in the playoffs with a full roster before they decide to break up their core. They need to get rid of CONLEY; if anybody. The smart move would be to get rid of Conley’s deal and continue with guys like Allen, Mayo, Gay, Randolph, and Gasol. Find a new PG elsewhere (for cheap). This trade makes the grizzles worst not better.

    • KNEZ on November 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm

      jarrett, I like your thinking of not breaking up the group, I just think Rudy isn’t part of it anymore (this may be premature). It looks like we disagree on 2 major points though. I think Zach Randolph is the best player on the Grizzlies, with Marc and Rudy in a close race for second. Maybe on another team Gay would have #1 status, but this is a post-dominated squad now. As for Mike Conley, seems like you think last yr was a fluke. If he maintains that level (or better) than he’s earning his contract, don’t you think? He’s better now than when he signed the extension last Nov (5yrs, $40M).